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Specialists In ShunXin Machinery

As an experienced fertilizer machines manufacturer, ShunXin has always been devoted to improve equipment quality and service level. That brings us a lot of loyal customers.


Since its foundation in 2005, ShunXin has done a lot of international orders, our foreign trade experience greatly improved.

commerical qualification

With more than 15 years business qualification, ShunXin Machinery has won cuntless certificates of honor and reputation.

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ShunXin constanly introduce international refined processing equipment, which makes our equipment with high performance.

advanced tech & parts

We always adopt advanced technology and even world class parts. Constant improvement makes us more reliable.

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We have a professional team composed by experts, professors & senior engineers. That's why we can provide you quality machines.

technical talents

ShunXin hires experienced technicians and talents dedicated to the research & produce quality equipment.

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ShunXin are always cooperating with excellent and reliable partners to improve the professionalism of our fertilizer equipment.

cooperative partner

These years of business have brought us many cooperative partners: SKF, Simens, Schneider and many domestic accessories.

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Our Products

We have almost all kinds of fertilizer equipment. you can choose the ideal ones from the following information.

NPK fertilizer blending plant line

NPK Fertilizer Production Line

Npk fertilizer refers to a kind of compound fertilizer which mainly consists of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It's also a ...
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organic fertilizer plant design for our Indian customer

Pig Farm Waste Management

Pig manure has rich organic nutrients, it always be used as the raw material when making organic fertilizers. For pig ...
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New Type Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Manure Management Plan

Poultry manure is one of the most common materials used for manufacturing organic fertilizer. But different manures have different features ...
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Large Capacity Blending Fertilizer Making Plan

Bulk Blending Fertilizer Production Line

As we all know, organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer are suitable for all kinds of crop farms. There are more ...
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compound fertilizer producing factory

Compound Fertilizer Production Line

Compound fertilizer refers to the chemical fertilizer which contains several kinds of fertilizer nutrients. It’s a kind of fertilizer widely ...
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Organic or Compond Fertilizer Disc Granulation Production Line

How Much does an Organic Fertilizer Plant Cost?

Organic material means matters which lost the original utilization value but has rich organic nutrition. To make better management of ...
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Chain plate compost turner machine

How to Make Chicken Manure Compost?

Chicken waste is a kind of pollution material, but it’s also a kind of valuable resource to be used as ...
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groove type fertilizer composting equipment

How to Compost Cow Manure?

Cow manure is always a kind of efficient fertilizer materials for crops. In fact, it’s better to compost the cow ...
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Rotary Drum Pellet Compost Production Equipment

Wet Granulation Equipment

Wet granulation equipment is a dedicated fertilizer machine used in organic manure granulation plants. In ShunXin fertilizer equipment manufacturing factory, ...
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ShunXin vertical fertilizer crushing machine

Vertical Fertilizer Crusher

Vertical fertilizer crusher is one of the widely used crushing machines in no matter organic fertilizer manufacturing factory or compound ...
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screw extrusion type solid-liquid separator machine

Solid-liquid Separator Machine

Solid-liquid separator machine is the equipment which can separate the liquid out from organic fertilizer raw materials. It can reduce ...
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self-moving type compost turning machine

Small Compost Turner

Compost turner is the machine which can help organic fertilizer materials get better fermentation. Small compost turner, as its name ...
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Our Core Values

We are adhering to the concept “provide the best quality and the most reasonable price fertilizer equipment for customers”, as well as considerate and comprehensive service to ensure our customers have good purchase experience.

Patent Certificate

With the increasing competition among our peers, ShunXin pays great attention to the promotion of product quality. We constantly introduce foreign advanced technology and develop many new and efficient patented products.

More Details about ShunXin

You may get a general understanding about ShunXin, if you want to get more information, just contact us and we will provide the most thoughtful service for you.


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