Large scale composting equipment refers to the machine which is used for turning large quantity fertilizer materials. It’s the necessary machine for large size organic fertilizer making plants. As a professional fertilizer machine supplier, we designed three kinds of high quality large scale compost turning machines. Using them for your organic fertilizer composting factory, the process will be much more efficient and easily.

What things need to be noticed before making compost fertilizer? 

3 kinds of professional large scale composting equipment in SX.

To meet you needs of large-scale composting, such as composting manure with large amounts at a poultry farm, large scale industrial composting and large commercial composting, we produce three kinds of turning machine. They can work efficiently for you.

Large wheel type compost turning machine

Our wheel type compost turning machine is the hottest sell machine for large scale composting. Its composting depth can be 1.5-3m, and the turning width can reach to 30m. Compared with the composting grooves with 5m width, it can save 9 groove walls. That will save you the supporting land construction investment. What’s worth to knowing is that this large turning machine works in only one composting groove.

Chain plate type compost turner

Chain plate compost turner also needs a composting groove when working. It’s suitable for large capacity aerobic composting of organic solid waste such as manure, sludge, straw, and some other organic solid waste. It has good adaptability to different materials, which can effectively shorten the composting process time consuming. Like wheel type composting machine, it can compost fertilizer materials in deep grooves. And both of them don’t need manual operation because of the full automactic control system

Large scale organic fertilizer fermentation pot

SX fermentation tank is a type of large capacity static equipment for fast composting. The whole machine is fixed and the fertilizer materials compost hermetically in it. With automatically aeration system, the bad smell of fertilizer materials can eliminate perfectly. In addition, it can complete the harmless treatment process in only 10 hours. The whole composting process only takes about 7-15 days. After composting, the fertilizer can discharge automatically from the machine.

Innovative parts of our large scale compost turner.

  • Using world class bearing pedestal

To make high quality wheel type compost turner, we use the best bearing pedestal in the world. It can help the compost turner works more smoothly. When the machine is not working, the huge composting wheel can be turned eqsily by human power. As a result, the energy consumption is 70% lower than the traditional organic fertilizer compost turning equipment.

world class bearing pedestal used for the wheel type compost turner

How about the price about large wheel type composting machine?

  • Variable frequency speed control running system

As for chain plate large scale composting machine, we adopt the variable frequency speed control running system, which has good adaptability to different materials. The high composting efficiency can effectively shorten the fermentation cycle and improve the efficiency of producing fertilizer and product quality.

parts with high hardness metal materials
Mixing Plate of Fertilizer Fermentation Tank

The system can also adapt to the change of work load. According to the material resistance, the walking speed can be flexibly adjusted, so that the equipment has a stronger adaptability and flexibility. You can also choose to match the moving cars to achieve multi-slot equipment sharing. Within the capacity of the equipment, you can expand the production scale by building more fermentation grooves.

How to make the compost turner work more efficiently?

  • Vertical sealed pot-type fermentation

Compared with the traditional composting equipment, our large fermentation tank adopts vertical design. Even the fermentation tank with a capacity of 10,000 tons per year occupies only 30-50 square meters. Referring to the sealing design of our fermentation tank, it can avoid direct contact between the operator and materials and ensure the clean working environment.

The smelly gas of organic fertilizer materials can also be eliminated. It can also keep the required temperature for fermentation and ensure that the equipment can work at low temperatures. Most importantly, the high temperature can efficiently destroy the pest eggs and weed seeds in the fertilizer materials.

Contact us, we will help you to choose the most suitable one for you.

How to make large scale organic compost?

  • Using wheel type and chain plate compost turner

Our large scale composting equipment is suitable for many kinds of composting needs such as large poultry farms, organic fertilizer industries and commercial fertilizer composting. If you want to choose the wheel type composting machine or chain plate turner, you need to build the matched composting groove in advance. When composting, the organic fertilizer raw materials need to be mixed well with fermentation bacteria agent and auxiliary materials.

Then sending the mixed raw materials to the front end of the fermentation groove by a forklift. And the accumulated thickness of the fermented materials in the tank is 1.5-1.6m. These raw materials are subjected to continuous aerobic composting by forced ventilation by a high pressure fan and oxygen after composting. After composted by these two large size compost turners, the raw material is piled secondarily.

What are the difference between double wheel compost turner and traditonal ones?

  • Using vessel composting equipment

As for the principle of our large-scale fermentation pot, you needn’t to build fermentation groove. Before composting, you need to put the fertilizer materials into the feed hopper, and then the electric lifting device takes the material into the fermenting tank. At the same time, you need to start the hydraulic pump station, push the ratchet wheel to turn and drive the main shaft to start stirring through the hydraulic cylinder.

After that, the screw blade on the stirring shaft drives the material to roll-over, making the material in full contact with the air and be composted. Then the external heating system starts to heat the fermentation pot through electric box control. At the same time, the temperature is controlled by the control syatem at the required value of composting. After fermenting, the material is discharged from the pot through the screw conveying outlet to next process.

How to prolong working life of organic fertilizer making equipment?

How about the price of these compost turners?

Our large scale composting equipment uses quality parts and advanced technology, that brings high competitions. That’s why our large composting machines sell well. As for the price, you needn’t to worry, we have our own factory. All the equipment is produced with best materials and sells with factory price, which ensures you get more profits.

wheel type compost turner machine delivery
composting machine delivery
loading compost turning equipment

Once you buy our compost turning machine, you can get free relevant service. We can recommend the most suitable equipment according to your requirements. If you don’t know how to use or install the large composting machine, we can arrange our technician to help you. We can even design the layout of organic fertilizer composting freely.

Just contact us and you will get more information about our compost turning machines for large composting capacity.

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