Vertical fertilizer crusher is one of the widely used crushing machines in no matter organic fertilizer manufacturing factory or compound fertilizer industries. It can crush the original fertilizer into small lumps or powder. In the process of making fertilizer, it’s mainly used for crushing the raw material and returned material. ShunXin, an outstanding fertilizer equipment supplier, can provide you superior crushing machine.

a finished vertical fertilizer crusher without painting
Manufacturing Vertical Fertilizer Crusher
ShunXin vertical fertilizer crushing machine in an fertilizer making line

How to use this machine in different fertilizer making plants?

Innovative design of our crusher system.

The pp board used for lining wall makes the crushing machine working more efficiently. When the traditional vertical fertilizer crusher working, fertilizer raw materials are easy to stick on the inner wall and hard to clean. But the new designed crusher with pp board can solve the problem of sticking perfectly. And the time cost of maintaining and cleaning has been reduced greatly.

The rotor of this crusher with reasonable design and novel structure. When the vertical fertilizer crusher working, the fertilizer material enters into the crushing chamber from the feeding port, then they will be crushed continuously by our specific multi-layer blades and chains. We also removed the traditional sieve part, that makes the crusher working more efficiently. The effect of our vertical fertilizer crusher is twice of other the traditional crusher machine.

How does the vertical fertilizer crushing machine work?

How to choose a suitable vertical type fertilizer crusher for different capacity?

To meet customers’ demands on the vertical grinder machine’s capacity, we have designed different types of fertilizer crushers with different production capacities. From the minimum capacity 3 ton per hour to 15 ton per hour at the largest, they can both meet customers large-medium, and small-scale fertilizer crushing application requirements. The following three types of fertilizer crushers, you can choose one based on your own capacity requirements.

Model Power (kw) Capacity (t/h) Inlet Size (mm) Dimensions (mm)
SXFLT-600 22 3-5 400*400 1300*750*1900
SXFLT-800 30 5-8 600*400 1800*1020*2100
SXFLT-1000 37 8-15 650*450 2150*1220*2700

How about the characteristic of different models?

3t to 5 ton per hour small vertical crusher for sale

For customer’s small-scale raw material crushing convenience, our factory manufactured the TDFLF-600. Its capacity ranges from 3t to 5 ton per hour. With this rated production capacity, small scale fertilizer factories, poultry farms, cow farms cam process materials at low cost. The working power of this small size crusher is only 22 kw, which is very low in power consumption. What’s more, with the design of the feed-in and out port of the crusher, it only has 400*400mm, which promotes the crushing efficiency and quality of the raw materials. In the machine’s appearance, it is only 1300 mm length, 750 mm width, and 1900 mm high, which is very easy to transport, and takes less space. For customers want to buy a small capacity fertilizer crushing equipment at low cost, energy and space saving, this one will be your best choice.

the rotor of this kind of vertical crushing equipment
visible window design of the vertical fertilizer crusher

5 to 8t/h medium size vertical fertilizer grinder equipment for sale

This model of vertical fertilizer crusher can mainly be used for medium scale fertilizer raw materials crushing need. It can crush 5-8 tons fertilizer per hour. With a low consumption of energy, this crusher can work efficiently. The crushing rate is also very high. Even the raw materials have high moisture content, they can also be crushed evenly. What’s more, it’s working noise is below 75 db, people won’t be bothered by the noise. The dust pollution is almost negligible.

Which scale fertilzier plant you have? We will recommond the suitable model for you.

vertical fertilizer crushing machine delivery
loading of vertical fertilizer crusher

8t to 15 ton per hour vertical type crush equipment for large scale fertilizer plants

For large scale fertilizer crushing need, you can choose this model. Its capacity is 8-15t/h. It has two functions: fine grinding and coarse grinding. That means you can adjust the working mode for different need of crushing. Meanwhile, it can crush medium hard and extra hard materials. Not just the fertilizer materials, it even can be used for crushing some building materials.

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