Organic material means matters which lost the original utilization value but has rich organic nutrition. To make better management of organic materials, choosing to set up an organic fertilizer plant is very wise. Then you may wonder how much does an organic fertilizer plant cost. The next is detailed information about producing organic fertilizer, you may get better understanding about this project.

Organic Fertilizer Pellets Made by SX Fertilizer Machine

What are the Raw Materials of Organic Fertilizer Production?

The first step of setting organic fertilizer factory is choosing correct materials. Organic materials mainly concludes organic waste from plant sources, manures from animals, agricultural and sideline processing industry waste. To be more precise, they can be sawdust, straw, all kinds of animal wastes, mushrooms, filter mud from sugar factory, and so on. At present, the most commonly used materials in organic fertilizer plant is animal manure. Such as cattle dung, chicken manure, pig wastes, sheep manure, etc. They have high fertility and are very easy to get, the final products also have excellent quality. In a word, animal manure organic fertilizer plant cost low but can bring you high profits.

What is the quantity requirement of different manures for an organic fertilizer plant?

Different Plans of Organic Fertilizer Producing Line

  • Animal manure fertilizer making plant

As mentioned above, it’s the most economical way to make animal manure organic fertilizer. At first, manures are almost the easiest materials to get and they have high nutrition content. Another reason is that the present organic fertilizer manufacturing technology is very mature and the fertilizer machines are also very efficient.

Single treatment of cow manure

Making cow manure organic fertilizer, the most important process is composting. But cattle manure is always known as cold fertilizer. Its decomposition is very slow. So when composting cow manure, the efficient way is to add some fermentation bacteria and auxiliary materials such as powdery sawdust to the dewatered cattle manures. For that reason, the mixing machine can help you mix these materials evenly, then the composting will be more efficient and cow manure fertility is also improved.

Organic waste composting machine

How to choose the suitable cow manure composting machine?

Turn chicken dung to organic fertilizer

If you manage to make chicken manure into fertilizer, the first process is dewatering. Fresh chicken manure has high moisture content, which is not benefit for turning them into fertilizer. In summer, the moisture of chicken litter is even higher than 95%. Choosing dewatering machine can help you reduce their moisture to suitable value.

Next is the composting process. In SX, we have different kinds of organic fertilizer composting equipment to help you compost chicken poops in a short time. If you don’t know how to choose the suitable one, we can also recommend you the most efficient turning machine according to your fertilizer making project.

crawler type windrow compost turning machine
Groove type agricultural waste compost turner
4-wheel type small capacity compost turner

After composting, you can choose to turn them into powder fertilizer or granular fertilizer. They have no difference in fertilizer efficiency, but the transportation, storage and fertilizing of granular fertilizer is much easier. So if you have enough budget, it’s better to buy one composting fertilizer granulator for your organic fertilizer plant.

If I want a granulator, how many budget need to add?

  • Different size organic fertilizer production lines

In recent years, organic fertilizer plants developing rapidly, producing high quality fertilizer products is very important to improve your organic fertilizer factory competitiveness. So how to choose the fertilizer producing lines for different scales? In SX, we have the following three typical layouts:

Small scale: 3t/h powdery organic fertilizer making plant

3ton per hour organic fertilizer making plant

In this plan, the central equipment is manure dewatering machine and small moving type compost turner. Disposing small quantity organic fertilizer materials, people always choose to make them into powdery forms. This is the easiest way to get high profits from organic fertilizer making plant with low cost. And as you can see in the parameter table, we equipped a 3t/h pan granulator. It means if you want to make organic fertilizer pellets, you can choose this kind of granulating machine to make the composting fertilizer into granules.

Small Size Pan Organic Fertilizer Granulating Machine
moving type compost turner delivery

Just contact us to get your exclusive fertilizer plant design.

Meidum scale: 3-8t/h granular organic fertilizer production line

3-8t per hour organic fertilizer production line

Making organic fertilizer in medium scale, granulating becomes the most important process. For this reason, we use 4-6t/h new type organic fertilizer granulator. This kind of granulator is also called stirring teeth. Adopts wet pelleting method, the composted fertilizer materials with about 30% moisture content can be granulated directly. After turning the materials into granules, the drying machine is used for reducing granules moisture to about 12%. Then you can pack the granules by the single bucket packing scale.

Organic Fertilizer Stirring Tooth Granulator
Rotary Drum Fertilizer Drying Machine Delivery

How about the cost of medium organic fertilizer production line?

Large scale: larger than 8t/h dual-use organic fertilizer plant

Larger than 8t per Hour Organic Fertilizer Making Plant

A large business organic fertilizer plant cost is much higher than other kinds of factories. According to our constantly exploration and the feedback from customers, we made a complete economical plan to meet your need of large size organic fertilizer producing business:

The first recommended machine is groove type turning machine. It’s suitable for large size fertilizer producing plan in composting grooves. In fact, it’s suitable making small quantity composting fertilizer. Choosing it, you just need to build suitable nuber of composting grooves. So we equip this machine for the whole plan to minimize your cost of organic fertilizer manufacturing plan.

Groove Type Organic Fertilizer Composting Machine
Wet Rotary Drum Granulator For Sale

Then you can choose a fertilizer pelletizing machine to make the composting fertilizer materials into granular forms. For large capacity, the rotating drum granulator is very efficient. Its largest capacity is 30t/h, which makes it the most commonly used pelleting machine in large organic fertilizer plant. Moreover, this kind of granulator is also suitable for compound fertilizer making plans.

To store and transport the organic fertilizer products much more easily, a packing machine is very necessary. For composting fertilizer, you can use ton bag fertilizer packing machine. And for granular fertilizer, you can choose automatic packing scale, it can pack fertilizers into 25-50kg bags.

ShunXin Fertilizer Packing Machine
single bucket automatic packing scale

Those three machines are the main equipment in organic fertilizer making factory. If you have high requirements for fertilizer, there are also some auxiliary equipment. Such as crushing machine for narrowing the particle size of organic materials; rotary drum dryer for reducing the moisture content of final fertilizer products; polishing machine used for making fertilizer balls much more uniform and rounder.

What if I want to customize the process of the making plan?

Proposals for Starting a New Organic Fertilizers Production Plant

Starting a new organic fertilizer plant is not like buying something, you need to consider many matters. For starting your fertilizer making line more smoothly, you can refer to the following proposals.
1. Making a complete plan. A complete fertilizer producing plan can make every procedure runs orderly. That will save you a lot of time and avoid some unnecessary mistakes.
2. Make sure your plant site and capacity match. If they don’t match, you have to change the fertilizer making plan, or even set up a new site. No matter which one happens, your producing of organic fertilizer will be greatly affected.

delivery and loading of fertilizer cooling machine
ShunXin loader type feeder equipment
rotary drum granulator delivery

3. Determine what form of organic fertilizer plant you want. The organic fertilizer plant costs, machines and layouts are very different for different lines. So the clear organic fertilizer production demand can help you choose suitable machines and set the factory easily.
4. Choosing reliable fertilizer equipment supplier. Reliable fertilizer equipment company can provide you quality machines, reasonable layout of fertilizer line, considerate service and affordable price. With rich business experience, SX Machinery can give you all the above things. You can get satisfied machines with low organic fertilizer plant cost.

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