Fertilizer granulators are the machines used in fertilizer manufacturing factory. They are suitable for making organic and compound fertilizer materials into specific fertilizer granules. In SX professional fertilizer granulator factory, we have 7 kinds of efficient fertilizer granulating machines: new type organic fertilizer granulator, rotary drum granulator, disk granulator, two-in-one type granulator, flat die granulator, double roller extrusion granulator and polishing machine. No matter you want to make organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer; large scale or small scale, you can always choose the appropriate one. The following is detailed introduction about them.

Distinguish the fertilizer granulators by their working principle.

  • The first is making fertilizer granules in granulating drum. 

1. Rotary drum granulating machine

By this kind of granulator, fertilizer materials rolling to balls with the high speed rotating drum. It is suitable for large scale organic fertilizer granulating industry. To help you achieve mass fertilizer production, we adopt open-end design, which can feed in materials and discharge pellets at the same time. What’s more, compared to the traditional rotating drum granulator, we use special rubber lining and acid-proof stainless steel lining for reducing fertilizer sticking on the inner drum wall.

the overview of ShunXin rotating drum granulating machine

To make the granulator runs more stably, we use medium carbon steel plates and channels to strengthen the quality of bracket. The bracket has great hardness to support these granulators work smoothly and greatly improves their working life.

2. New type organic fertilizer granulator

New type organic fertilizer granulating machine is also called stirring tooth granulator. Although it looks very similar to rotary drum granulator, in fact, it has many stirring teeth in the drum. When working, the stirring teeth rotating continuously to make fertilizer materials into fine granules. For producing different size granules, you can adjust the speed of the rotor. Fasten the rotating speed of the rotor, you will get small fertilizer balls. On the contrary, reduce the speed, you will get large pellets.

Highlight of this granulator is that we design sight window and air holes. The sight window helps you observe the granulating process, simplify cleaning and maintenance of stirring teeth. The air holes can prevent moisture loss due to excessive temperature of fertilizer materials. If the moisture of fertilizer is low, you can also add some water into the granulator through these holes.

3. Two-in-one pelleting equipment

It’s our new designed efficient fertilizer granulator: we combine the rotating drum granulator and stirring teeth granulator together. When it working, the drum and inner stirring teeth rotate at the same time. Materials can be granulated fast with beautiful appearance and fine hardness. This granulator has higher capacity, granulating rate and consumes lower power.
As for the materials, it can not only granulate organic materials, but also make compound fertilizer granules. Since its large capacity, it’s really suitable for large scale fertilizer producing plant.

  • The second is granulating fertilizer materials in pelleting disc.

1. Disk type granulator

The working part of disk granulator is a pelleting pan. When granulating, the disk rotating at an adjustable speed, materials rolling and balling in it. When the pellet size reaches predetermined value, granulated fertilizer pouring out from the disk. Granulating rate of this granulator is higher than 93%. For different scale granulating needs, large,medium or small, we design 12 models. You can choose the suitable one for your organic fertilizer making factory.

Like other granulators, we also innovated the disc granulator. To keep the moisture of the materials, we design spray system for it. When the moisture reduces, the spray system can add water evenly to the materials. For making it easy to clean the pelletizing disk, we equip scraper with the granulator. It can scrape the sticking fertilizer on the disk when granulating, which greatly improve the granulating rate and save your time of cleaning the machine.

2. Fertilizer polishing machine

This machine actually is an auxiliary equipment of the fertilizer production line. It can make granular fertilizers more uniform and rounder. Like pan granulator, its working part is also the pelleting disc. But it has two or more horizontal discs, and the disk granulator just has one inclined disc. More discs the polishing machine has, rounder the granules will be.

Compost pellets polishing machine

As a fertilizer manufacturer, the polishing machine is a necessary machine for you. It can make your fertilizers more beautiful appearance, improve their competitiveness and bring you higher incomes from selling fertilizer.

  • The last is producing fertilizer balls by extruding.

double roller pressing granulator

1. Double roller extrusion granulator

This type of granulating equipment is the best-selling pressing type fertilizer granulator. It makes fertilizer granules by the extruding of two roller sheets. Shapes of the granules depends on the ball socket on the roller sheets. Mention this, there are 7 shapes can be your choices: pillow shape, semicircle shape, stick shape, pill shape, walnut shape, flat ball shape and square bar shape. And the diameter of granules can be 4-10mm.

Because of compact structure, it’s especially suitable for small scale compound fertilizer manufacturing plant. What’s need to be concentrated on is that the moisture content of raw materials needs to be under 15%. So, when finished granulating, the fertilizer granules don’t need to dry, which can reduce your cost of drying machine.

2. Flat die granulator

Adopts extruding ways to make fertilizer granules, flat die granulating machine is very similar with double roller granulator. But it makes pellets by the extruding of rollers and molds, not two rollers. And the pellets it makes are columnar.

The fertilizer granules made by this granulator have smooth surface, moderate hardness, and can well maintain the internal nutrients during processing. The size of granules can be 4-8mm. Because of the low moisture of its suitable materials, even in rainy areas, the fertilizer granules produced by flat die granulator can remain undisturbed and keep fertilizer effect well.

Two typical methods of granulating fertilizer.

There are two frequently-used methods in fertilizer making plant: wet granulation and dry granulation. The fertilizer granulators mentioned above also adopt these two methods. Next is the detailed information about them.

  • When to use wet granulation and what machines are suitable?

For the fertilizer materials with about 20%-40% moisture content, wet granulation method is the most suitable way to make them into fertilizer balls. As for the wet granulation equipment, the appropriate ones mentioned above are rotary drum granulator, stirring tooth granulator, two-in-one granulator and pan granulator. They are almost suitable for all scales compound and organic fertilizer factories. If you want to customize special one, we can also meet your requirements.

How to choose the suitable granulation method and equipment?

  • What’s dry granulation? What machines are used for dry granulating?

Dry granulation method is suitable for pelleting fertilizer materials with moisture content about 10%. Making fertilizer granules by this way can save the drying step of the whole fertilizer production line. The process will be more efficient. But you need to focus on the moisture avoid over drying in granulation process.
Machines used for dry granulation are double roller extrusion granulator and flat die granulator. As mentioned above, they make granules by extruding. Unlike wet granulation machines, these two granulators are just suitable for small capacity fertilizer granulating. But they consume lower energy and can reduce the cost of drying process.

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