Aerobic composting process is an important part when making organic fertilizers. It can make the materials such as poultry manures get better fermenting, eliminate extra grass seeds and pest eggs. That’s really helpful for the whole organic fertilizer making plan. So how to make aerobic composting efficiently? And what machines can be helpful? Here are more details for you.

How to Efficiently Manage Poultry Manure with Aerobic Composting?

In the past, people always make composting fertilizer from their own poultry farms. They just ferment manure wastes naturally, which called static aerobic composting. Without efficient equipment, the whole process takes very long time, even causes environment pollution. And the quality of final composting fertilizers also is not very good. Later, fertilizer equipment supplier designed specific machines for organic fertilizer aerobic composting process. These machines make the poultry manure composting more efficiently. Moreover, the final fertilizer quality can be greatly improved. As a professional compost turner manufacturer, we make different fertilizer turning machines to meet your need in aerobic composting process.

Why so many people choose aerobic composting process?

Types of Aerobic Composting Process Equipment

Considering that you may want to make compost fertilizer in different ways or capacities, here are some different aerobic composting designs we made for you.

  • Aerobic in vessel fast composting-fermenting pot

Organic fertilizer fermenting pot is our most efficient machine for aerobic composting process. It can compost 5-120m³ organic materials per hour. With huge rotating composting drum, the inner temperature of the pot can rise constantly. When it rises to 60-70℃, the composting drum can stop automatically. By this smart design, the pest eggs and grass weeds can be totally eliminated, and the automatic temperature control system can prevent damaging nitrogen in materials from excessive temperature.

organic fertilizer large fermentation pot

More importantly, this kind of composting machine is a vertical sealed pot, which means it only takes very small area in the whole organic fertilizer factory. The bad smells of poultry manures also disappeared by aeration device. Choosing it, your aerobic composting process only takes about 10 days.

  • Aerobic composting indoors-groove turners

In order not to be affected by temperature or weather, you may need indoor composting turners. For this reason, we made groove type compost turner and chain plate turning machine. Choosing them, you need to build some composting grooves indoor. When working, high performance composting teeth can lift and crush the materials evenly. With continuously lifting and crushing, the materials become smaller particles and can contact more airs so that they can be heated and oxygenated in a short time. That will greatly improve your final fertilizer products quality.

  • Large scale aerobic composting-wheel compost turner

For large capacity fertilizer composting plant, the wheel type composting equipment would be very efficient. It’s also a kind of groove composting machine. But unlike the above two compost turners need several composting grooves when working, this kind of turning machine only needs one composting groove. Depth of the groove can be adjusted from 8 to 30m, and it depends on the capacity you need. In other word, we can customize the large wheel type composting machine according to your requirements.

large scale wheel type compost turning machine

In addition, high automatic degree is very important to a large size fertilizer making plant, so we adopt full automatic PLC electronic control cabinet for this turning machine. When making organic fertilizers, you don’t need to arrange operator for the composting process, it can work automatically.

How to build suitable fertilizer composting grooves?

  • Aerobic windrow composting-windrow machine

Windrow compost machine is suitable for small scale aerobic composting process. With a worker drives, they have high flexibility when making composting fertilizer. You don’t need to build composting grooves for them, which can save you a lot of space. Before composting, you just need to pile the raw materials into windrows with same length.

4-wheel type small capacity compost turner
crawler type windrow compost turning machine
spray system in our crawler composting turner

Then the windrow turners move above the windrows, with high speed rotating turning teeth, the fertilizer materials can get great composting. To make the fertilizer materials fermenting more efficiently, we designed spray system for the windrow compost turners. When composting, you can mix some aerobic bacteria with water and add them to the fertilizer windrows through the spray system.

How to make high efficiency windrow fertilizer composting?

How long does aerobic composting process take?

Composting time consumption is a very important issue when making organic fertilizer. As mentioned above, the past static aerobic composting process costs very long time. Even in summer, the composting may cost several months. That will greatly affect your process of making fertilizer, the continuous high temperature also will damage organic nutrients in the materials.

produce composting fertilizer for large scale

Choosing compost turners, things would be different. With years promoting, our aerobic composting equipment can make quality composting fertilizer almost without pollution. Using them, the composting process only takes about 15 days. In summer, it just costs about 10 days. Even in winter, the whole process only needs about 20 days. What’s more, choosing our organic fertilizer fermentation pot, the harmless treatment can finish in 10 hours, the whole aerobic composting process can complete in even 7 days.

With composting equipment, your organic fertilizer line can work smoothly, the fertilizer products quality is also improved. High automatic degree also saves you a lot of labor cost.

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