Screening is the procedure of separating different materials according to their particle size. In organic fertilizer production plant, people always use rotary screening machine for removing unqualified materials from the composted fertilizer materials and grading the final fertilizer granules.

Rotary Screening Machine for Sale

The main structure of our rotary screening machine.

  • Rack section

The rack section of our rotary screening machine is welded with fine carbon steel and channel steel. It has passed strict product qualification certification and specific process requirements, and finally achieved the purpose used by the machine.

  • Rotating screening part

As for this part, we use a combination screen. It is welded to the roller cage of the spindle and passed by the drive wheel to the spindle through the coupling to screen the fertilizer. Because of the high efficiency of the screen, the material can be quickly and finely screened.

efficient motor part of ShunXin rotary screening machine
combination screen used for the screener
ShunXin Tailored Transmission System on Compost Screener
  • Rotating linking part

The motor drives the pulley, the triangular belt and the reducer to drive, which makes the spindle rotating. The driving reducer and the working part of the spindle are all driven by the coupling of column pins, which greatly facilitates assembly and maintenance.

What’s the other highlights of our rotating screen machine?

Which processes can it be used in fertilizer making?

At first, the rotary screening machine is applicable to screen the solid materials which particle size less than 300mm. It’s obvious that it can be used in screening compost fertilizer. In organic fertilizer making line, the fertilizer raw materials are not always can be composted perfectly by turning machine. There may be some hard or conglomeration materials can’t be crushed and fermented. To make sure the finished fertilizer not be affected by them, the rotary screening machine can be used. This machine can screen out the nonfermentable matters efficiently. As a result, the quality of fertilizer can be ensured.

The next is the screening of return materials. For some reasons, there may be some materials can’t be granulated. That causes the waste of fertilizer raw materials. To improve the using rate of fertilizer materials, you can use the rotating screening machine to screen the return materials out. After then, they can be secondary granulated.

The third point is grading the finished fertilizer granules. To make more profits, you can grade the final fertilizer pellets by our rotary screening machine. For the first time you can screen for the best looking granules, they can fetch a good price. The second time you can screen out medium quality pellets and sell them at a reasonable price. The screened fertilizer granules can be granulated secondary, that will obviously improve the using rate of the fertilizer raw materials.

How does it work in different steps in the whole fertilizer making plant?

Different working capacities of rotating screening machine for meeting you need.

Small screening capacity machine:

For small scale screening need, you have three choices of our screening equipment: SXGS-1020, SXGS-1030 and SXGS-1240. They can meet the screening need between 1 and 5t/h. They can do stable transmission and will not produce much vibration and noise in the working process.

Medium scale rotary screening machine:

We designed 2 models of medium scale rotary screening machine. The first one is 5-8t/h. the second one can screen 6-10 tons of materials per hour. These two machines have strong anti-interference ability in operation, and it is unnecessary to control the uniformity of material flow.

Large capacity screen equipment:

As for large capacity fertilizer making need, we designed 2 kinds of screener for you. They can screen 10-20 tons fertilizer per hour. Although they have large working capacity, the largest one just consumes 11kw/h. Low energy consumption brings you high profits.

How to choose the suitable model of this screening machine?

Model Power (kw) Reducer Drum Speed (r/min) Capacity(t/h)
SXGS-1020 3 ZQ250 21 1-2
SXGS-1030 3 ZQ250 21 2-3
SXGS-1240 4 ZQ250 18 3-5
SXGS-1540 5.5 ZQ350 16 5-8
SXGS-1560 5.5 ZQ350 16 6-10
SXGS-1870 7.5 ZQ400 12 10-15
SXGS-2080 11 ZQ400 12 10-20


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