Maintenance of Organic Fertilizer Drying Equipment2020-10-20T13:59:30+08:00

To make sure the organic fertilizer drying machine run smoothly and normally, the fan system can’t be ignored. There are some things you need to focus on when using fertilizer drying machine:

ShunXin rotary drum drying machine

  1. Frequently observe the operation of the fan. If the flow rate is too large and does not meet the requirements, or a small flow rate is required in a short time, you can use the throttling device for adjustment.
  2. Regularly check the sensitivity of thermometer and oil gauge, and control the oil tank level of bearing within the specified range.
  3. Check the bearing base regularly, clean and add lubricating oil to prevent the bearing from burning out.
  4. If there is any abnormal phenomenon during the start-up, shutdown or operation of the organic fertilizer dryer fan, you should check it immediately.
  5. For the faults found in the inspection, find out the causes and eliminate or deal with them immediately. If they can not be eliminated or major faults are found, they should be stopped immediately for maintenance.

Effect of Organic Fertilizer Materials Pretreatment on Composting Process2020-10-19T13:21:37+08:00

When making organic fertilizers, if the raw material particles are too large, it will not only affect water regulation, but also affect the mixing uniformity of materials.

Especially for some materials with large lumps or high cellulose content, such the composting of horse manure, if they are not broken to a certain extent, they will slow down the microbial decomposition rate.

Such as the common cow dung and straw compost. If the straw is not crushed before composting, even in summer, the whole composting process will cost two months; if the straw is crushed into 10 cm pieces, it will be completely decomposed in less than one month; if the rice straw is ground into 3 ~ 5mm straw powder, the complete decomposition time is only 10 ~ 15 days.

For faster composting of organic fertilizer materials, you can choose compost turning machines. They can compost the fertilizer materials in only one week.

What are the causes of fertilizer caking?2020-10-17T11:33:17+08:00

As we all know, it’s bad for the fertilizer efficiency if the fertilizer products are easy to cake. And why it always happens? As a professional organic fertilizer equipment supplier, we find these reasons may be useful.

  1. The production process of organic fertilizer always is unsealed. So when you making fertilizers, the higher the air moisture content is, the easier the fertilizer materials will absorb moisture and agglomerate. High air moisture content will also make the fertilizer products caking. So it’s better to make fertilizer in dry weather or store the products in dry places.  You can also choose a dewatering machine for fertilizer materials and a fertilizer drying machine for fertilizer products.
  2. For compound fertilizers, there are different chemical fertilizer crystals in the products. If the room temperature and air moisture is high, the compound fertilizer granules is very easy to agglomerate. If you have compound fertilizer production line, dry granulating machine is the best choice for you. The storage of compound fertilizer granules also needs to be a dry environment.
  3. Another reason of fertilizer caking is the storage time. The agglomeration will happen easier when storage time is longer. Long time storage will also affect fertilizer efficiency. If you can’t run out the fertilizers in short time or you want to sell fertilizers, you can choose our fertilizer packing machines. They can help you store the fertilizer products easily and make it easy to sell them.

What is the Significance of Making Organic Fertilizer?2020-10-15T13:54:25+08:00
  1. Reduce environmental pollution

With the help of organic fertilizer production equipment, manures from animal farms can be removed at any time. Fresh animal waste is treated by a series of organic fertilizer production equipment, such as composting machine, semi- wet material crusher, mixing machine, fertilizer dryer, etc.

Firstly, the treated manure is to remove the odor; the second is to completely kill all kinds of pathogenic bacteria, insect eggs, grass seeds, etc.; the third is to remove harmful substances and avian influenza viruses. In this way, the maximum reduction of air pollution and environmental transmission damage and loss.

  1. Full development and utilization of resources

Since the organic fertilizer production equipment, a large number of livestock and poultry manure has become a huge and valuable wealth, scientific development and utilization make it into a treasure. It is a good raw material in the production of organic fertilizer, and also brings certain economic benefits to farmers.

  1. Increase economic benefits

Now more and more people use organic fertilizer, and the market of organic fertilizer is very good. Choosing our organic fertilizer equipment, you can get high quality organic fertilizer, which can bring you considerable profits.

What equipment is needed before making organic fertilizer?2020-10-14T13:44:50+08:00

Before making organic fertilizer, the pretreatment of raw materials is needed, and these machines may be helpful:

1. Screening Machine

For some organic fertilizer factory which uses industry organic waste as their materials(such as mushrooms, filter mud and biogas residue), it’s better to screen out the extra materials before making them into organic fertilizer. With rotating fertilizer screener, you can make fertilizer more efficiently.

2. Crushing Equipment

Some organic fertilizer raw or auxiliary materials can’t be composted directly because of long or large shape. To solve this problem, you can choose a fertilizer crushing machine, such as semi-wet crusher, cage crusher and so on. They can crush materials into small particles, which can help your fertilizer plant run more smoothly.

3. Dewatering Machine

Dewatering machine is mainly suitable for poultry manures and animal wastes. Manures always have high moisture content, it’s obvious that they are not suitable to be directly made into fertilizer. By using solid-liquid separator machine, the moisture content of animal manures can be reduced to about 30%, which is the appropriate value for making organic fertilizer.

Ventilation of Organic Fertilizer Composting2020-10-13T17:15:35+08:00

In the production process of organic fertilizer, the construction of ventilation system is very important. By controlling the ventilation rate, the system temperature can be adjusted, the suitable environment for the growth and metabolism of microorganisms can be provided. Therefore, ventilation in composting is necessary. During composting, ventilation has three main purposes: oxygen supply, dehumidification and cooling.

  1. Oxygen demand: the composting process is completed by providing oxygen for the growth, reproduction and metabolic activities of aerobic microorganisms.
  2. Dehumidification demand: ventilation can remove the moisture in the wet raw materials at higher temperature. When the air is heated by the composting substrate, the moisture can be evaporated and the compost materials can be dried.
  3. Cooling demand: ventilation can remove the heat generated by organic matter decomposition to control the process temperature.

The ventilation rate for oxygen supply mainly depends on the content of organic matter in composting raw materials, the proportion of degradable components in organic matter and degradable coefficient, which can be calculated by the chemical composition and degradation degree of organic matter in compost.

How to Improve the Efficiency of Organic Fertilizer Crusher?2020-10-10T11:59:23+08:00
  1. Material selection is the core. When selecting materials, pay attention to the hardness of materials. The harder the material is, the more difficult it is to crush, and the more serious the damage to the crushing equipment will be.
  2. When the moisture content in the material is large, the material is easy to adhere in the mill, and it is also easy to block in the process of feeding and conveying, resulting in the reduction of crushing capacity. Therefore, to reduce the moisture content before crushing, so as to facilitate the pulverizer to work better.
  3. The more fine powder contained in the material before grinding, the more influence the crushing. As the fine powder is easy to adhere, the material with more fine powder should be screened earlier.
  4. The better the wear resistance of crushing equipment parts is, the greater the crushing capacity is. If it is not resistant to wear, it will damage the crushing ability.

How to buy an organic fertilizer pellet machine at reasonable price?2020-10-10T12:01:02+08:00

Determine what machine you want.

The first thing you need to do for purchasing an ideal granulating machine is determine the machine you need. Suitable granulator not only can work well for your fertilizer making plant, but also can help you adjust your budget.

Pay more attention to quality, not just the price.

Some fertilizer equipment supplier may recommend you very cheap fertilizer machines. You may be attracted, but whether you consider its quality or not? Purchasing fertilizer equipment is not like buying clothes, you need to consider its quality, performance and efficiency.

Choose a reliable equipment supplier.

A reliable fertilizer machine manufacturer can provide you efficient equipment with affordable price and considerate service. Choosing this kind of supplier can help you make fertilizer granules much more easily with lower cost.

What Problems will be Caused if Chicken Manure is not Composted?2020-09-30T17:53:00+08:00

1.Causes soil salinization

If chicken manure is used for years, a large amount of sodium chloride remains in the soil. Too much salt will seriously restrict the permeability and activity of the soil. The solidification of important elements such as phosphate fertilizer, potassium fertilizer, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, boron and manganese restricts the improvement of crop yield and quality.

2.Burning roots and seedlings

It is easy to cause plant disease and death if chicken manure is not thoroughly fermented. If you insert your hand into the soil after using the chicken manure which is not thoroughly fermented, you will feel the soil temperature is higher. This is the second fermentation of raw manure in the soil. Especially in spring and summer, when the temperature is high in the greenhouse, the secondary fermentation of raw manure will emit a lot of heat, which is easy to cause root burning

3.Bring in antibiotics

Nowadays, in large-scale livestock and poultry breeding, a large number of antibiotics are used to improve feed utilization and promote animal growth. About 70% of antibiotics can not be absorbed after use, so the content of antibiotics in animal feces is generally high. The antibiotics contained in unrolled chicken manure will seriously affect the physiological process of crop roots and significantly inhibit its growth.

4.Breeding of root knot nematodes

Chicken manure is the camp and hotbed of root knot nematodes. The number of eggs carried by chicken manure is 100 per 1000 grams. The nematodes are extremely sensitive to chemical agents. After spraying, the nematodes will quickly move to the depth of 50 cm-1.5 m underground to escape. The nematode eggs in chicken manure are easy to hatch and multiply by tens of thousands overnight, so it is difficult to eradicate the disease.

Five Functions of Compost Turner2020-09-30T17:42:41+08:00
  1. The special requirements of composting technology are realized, such as crushing raw materials, realizing quantitative displacement of raw materials or giving certain shape to raw materials pile.
  2. Improve the permeability of the raw material pile: the turning system can process the material into small lumps, making the material pile fluffy and forming appropriate porosity.
  3. Mixing function in raw material conditioning: in fertilizer making, some auxiliary materials need to be added in order to adjust the carbon nitrogen ratio, water content and pH value of raw materials. The agitator can be used to mix the main raw materials roughly stacked together according to the proportion with various auxiliary materials, so as to achieve the purpose of quenching and tempering.
  4. Adjust the moisture content of raw material pile: the suitable moisture content of raw material fermentation is about 55%, and the moisture standard of finished organic fertilizer is below 20%. The forced steam emission will be formed when the material is turned by thecomposting machine, which can reduce the water content and improve the fertilizer production efficiency.
  5. Adjust the temperature of the raw material windrow: during the operation of the compost turner, the raw material pellets and air are fully contacted and mixed. When a large amount of fresh air is kept in the windrow, the aerobic microorganisms will become active, thus producing fermentation heat and increasing the stack temperature; when the temperature is high, fresh air can be added to reduce the stack temperature. The formation of medium temperature to high temperature and then to medium temperature to high temperature, such a cycle state, all kinds of beneficial microorganisms grow and reproduce in their adaptive temperature range.

How to distinguish the quality of compost turners?2020-09-30T17:37:39+08:00

The quality of fertilizer turning equipment can be analyzed from the aspects of its materials and treatment effect. If it is a high-quality compost turner, its structure will be more perfect, the internal use of stainless steel material, strong corrosion resistance, long service life; if it is a shoddy manufacturing equipment, then as a professional, it can be judged from its external contour.

Moreover, the high-quality turner not only has high degree of automation, less energy consumption in the treatment process, but also adopts biological deodorization, which will not produce secondary pollution in the treatment process. It is equipped with auxiliary air supply heating device, which can operate normally even in low temperature environment.

After determining the quality of the composting equipment, it is particularly important to note that before formal use, it is necessary to understand some basic conditions for the operation of the process. For example, the ambient temperature should be maintained between 50 ℃ and 65 ℃ as much as possible, and the time to maintain above 55 ℃ should be more than 5 days.

In addition, the organic matter content should be greater than 20%, the moisture content should be maintained between 50% and 65%, and the ph value should be controlled between 7 and 8.5. After knowing these equipment parameters, I believe it will be helpful to your purchase.

How to judge the quality of organic fertilizer products?2020-09-30T17:32:29+08:00

1.Maturity of fermentation:

Appearance change: the visual qualitative judgment standard is that the fermentation will not undergo fierce decomposition, the product temperature is lower, the appearance is tea brown or black, and the structure is loose without odor;

Temperature change: after the high temperature stage, the temperature of the compost will gradually decrease. When the fermentation reaches maturity, the temperature of the fertilizer is basically consistent with the normal temperature.

2.Chemical index:

Changes of organic matter and volatile solid content: with the progress of fermentation, the content of organic matter and volatile solid showed a continuous downward trend, and finally reached the basic stability. When it reaches maturity, it can decrease by 15-30%. However, this trend is greatly affected by the source of raw materials. It is not enough to judge whether the fermentation is rotten or not.

The change of C / N ratio and inorganic nitrogen forms: during the fermentation process, part of organic carbon will be oxidized to carbon dioxide, volatilization loss, and the mass of compost pile will be reduced. Some studies have shown that when the C / N ratio of compost decreases from 25-35:1 to below 20:1, the compost will be stable.

Ratio of water-soluble organic carbon to organic nitrogen: the ratio of water-soluble organic carbon to water-soluble organic nitrogen is a good chemical indicator of fermentation maturity. When the value is about 5-6, it indicates that the fermentation has been decomposed, and this value has nothing to do with the fermentation raw materials.

Common Problems and Solutions of Fertilizer Drying Machine2020-09-30T17:23:31+08:00
  1. Machine and base resonance

Cause: in the production of rotary drum organic fertilizer dryer, due to the strong rotation of the equipment, it will produce a certain amount of resonance effect with the base, which is very harmful to the equipment and will also affect the working effect.

Solution: at first, in the construction of the base, it should be poured with cement and added with anti vibration wood bed. Second, in production, pay attention to the actual capacity of the machine, not to overload the machine.

  1. Material blocking at outlet

Reason: the material with more moisture is easy to form block, and the material outlet will be blocked when it reaches the outlet of organic fertilizer dryer.

Solution: in addition to strictly controlling the process formula, when the particle size of the material entering the organic fertilizer dryer is large, the relevant personnel should be informed in time to pay attention to the discharge at the tail of the machine, so as to prevent the bag film and bag line from entering the production system.

  1. The meshing clearance between the big gear and the small gear is damaged

Causes: tugboat wear, block wheel wear, pinion wear.

Solution: remove or replace according to wear condition, or install on the opposite side or update in pairs.

What are the Characteristics of Moving Type Compost Turner?2020-09-30T17:15:03+08:00

Working principle of self-moving manure turner: diesel engine is used as power source, working through power transmission system, materials are rotated by composting teeth, and composting fermentation of fertilizer is controlled by personnel driving.

Features of moving type compost turner:

  1. It is more suitable for the mechanism and process requirements of microbial fermentation of poultry manure. It can effectively mix the sticky poultry manure, microbial preparation and straw powder. It creates a better aerobic environment for material fermentation.
  2. According to the technical parameters of the machine, the machine can turn 400-500 cubic meters of fresh poultry manure per hour. The whole production line needs 4 or 5 personnel at most. The price advantage of finished fertilizer is obvious.
  3. The overall structure of this kind of turning machine is reasonable, the whole machine has good rigidity, balanced force, safe and reliable performance, easy to operate and strong applicability to different sites. All parts are standard parts, easy to use and maintain.
  4. Advanced fermentation technology. According to the principle of aerobic fermentation, the fermentation bacteria have the space to give full play to its functions.

How to Maintain Organic Fertilizer Granulator?2020-09-30T17:04:03+08:00

Because of all operations and equipment operation in granulating process are carried out around organic fertilizer granulation, so organic fertilizer granulator occupies an important position in the whole organic fertilizer production process.

The quality of granulation also affects the shelf life and the degree of going out of the organic fertilizer granules, thus affecting the sales price.

Maintenance method of organic fertilizer granulator:

  1. Keep the working site clean and prevent the dust and sundries from entering the granulator and affecting the work.
  2. Check the lubrication condition of all working parts and use lubricating oil in time to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
  3. Always pay attention to the operation of organic fertilizer equipment. If abnormal sound is found, it should be stopped immediately and checked. After troubleshooting, it can be used. If the corresponding reason is not found, the machine can not be started.
  4. When the organic fertilizer equipment is overhauled, the working clearance should be re measured each time and adjusted, and it can be continued to use after meeting the standard.
  5. If the organic fertilizer equipment can not operate by pressing the program controller, check whether the power supply voltage, power plug socket and connecting plug socket are normal, and check the internal fault of the controller.

Working Process and Characteristics of Groove Type Compost Turner2020-09-30T16:55:58+08:00

Working Process:

  1. Put the raw materials into the composting groove.
  2. Raw materials are stirred to the outlet by the equipment every day, and the traveling distance is same.
  3. After 30 days of fermentation, the raw materials will be completely composted and converted into organic fertilizer.
  4. After a period of aerobic fermentation, the finished organic fertilizer can be obtained from the outlet every day, and the cyclic fermentation of fertilizer can be formed.

Tip: Adding a certain amount of organic fertilizer starter before fermentation can greatly shorten the fermentation time of raw materials, improve the fermentation efficiency, make the fermented organic fertilizer contain more organic matter and improve the utilization rate of organic fertilizer.


  1. With high efficiencyand stable operation, it can compost different materials evenly and consumes low energy.
  2. Centralized control of control cabinet can realize manual or automatic control function.
  3. Equipped with soft starter, the impact load is low when starting.
  4. The composting teeth are firm and durable, and has certain crushing and mixing functions for materials.
  5. Limit travel switch for safety and limit operation.

In order to ensure its service life, timely maintenance and care should be taken in the process of operation.

How do We Customize Pellet Organic Fertilizer Granulators for Our Foreign Customers?2020-09-30T16:44:29+08:00

To help you make fertilizer granules more efficiently, we always provide you considerate customized service:

Parts of different granulator: when granulating, especially using rotating granulators, the temperature would greatly improve, which would fasten the evaporation of raw material moisture. So if you have the needing of keeping moisture, we can equip a spray system for you. It can spray water to the materials when granulating, greatly improve the quality of fertilizer granules. For double roller granulator, we can customize the shape and size of the ball socket of the roller sheet for you.

Capacity: we can making different capacity granulators, they can meet your need of starting small, medium and large organic fertilizer making plant. The price is also very reasonable.

Other aspects: we can design the height of the granulator according to your fertilizer plant layout. That will make sure the fluency of your fertilizer plant and improve the granulating rate. Even the color of the granulator can also be customized if you want.

What Services can You Get from ShunXin Fertilizer Machine Factory?2020-09-28T11:44:22+08:00

ShunXin has more than 15 years of domestic and foreign trade experience. That helps us form a complete service system.

Pre-sale service: With 15 minutes after receiving your information, we will timely contact you and provide you professional service including product inquiry, technical support, product service complaint, warranty, consultation of spare parts and so on.

Free project design and installation guidance: If you don’t have the experience of starting fertilizer factory, we can provide you free layout according to your information. We can also arrange professional technician to guide you how to install and use the machines.

Customized service: Considering that some customers may have special need of our equipment, we launched customized service. We can customize the machine based on your demand, such as the capacity, powder, some auxiliary parts and the appearance of the machine. These are all for you to get the ideal machine.

After-sales service: After your machine is put into operation, we will follow up and visit irregularly to check the machine operation, production capacity, service condition of wearing parts and other problems you get when producing fertilizers, so as to solve the problems immediately and give you more technical guidance.

What is the Procedure to Make Organic Fertilizer?2020-09-27T17:51:05+08:00

There are three forms of organic fertilizer you can make: composting fertilizer, powder fertilizer and granular fertilizer.

Making composting fertilizer doesn’t need many steps. You just need to build composting groove or pile raw materials into long windrows. Then choosing appropriate organic fertilizer turning equipment to help materials get better fermenting. After composting, you can use the products for your plants.

If you want to get powder fertilizer, you can use a fertilizer crushing machine, it can crush the organic fertilizer materials into even powders with small particles.

Making granular fertilizer is the finish processing of powder fertilizer and composting fertilizer. With a granulating machine, you will get wonderful organic fertilizer pellets.

Complete Layout of Making Organic Fertilizer

Four Stages of Organic Fertilizer Composting2020-09-27T13:47:08+08:00

A whole composting process contains 4 necessary stages:

  1. Heating stage. In the early stage of composting, the microorganisms in composting are mainly mesophilic and aerobic. They start the fermentation process of composting, and decompose organic substances (such as simple sugars, starch, protein, etc.) under aerobic conditions, and generate a lot of heat. The composting temperature is continuously increased from 20℃ to 40℃.
  2. High temperature stage. With the increase of temperature, the thermophilic microorganism gradually replaced the medium temperature type and played a leading role. The temperature continued to rise, reaching above 50℃in a few days, and entered the high temperature stage.
  3. Cooling stage. When the high temperature stage lasted for a certain period of time, most of cellulose, hemicellulose and pectin had been decomposed, and the complex components which were difficult to decompose and the newly formed humus were left. The microbial activity was weakened and the temperature gradually decreased. When the temperature drops below 40℃, mesophilic microorganisms become the dominant species.
  4. Maturity stage. After composting, the volume of compost is reduced, and the temperature of compost decreases to a little higher than the air temperature. At this time, the compost should be compacted to cause anaerobic state and weaken the mineralization of organic matter, so as to maintain the compost.

How to Improve the Granulating Rate of Disk Granulator?2020-09-27T14:05:19+08:00
  1. Control the quality of powder fertilizer materials.

Strictly control the quality of powdery raw materials according to the formula of making organic fertilizer granules. Good quality fertilizer materials makes the granules making process more efficient. If there are too much extra materials in powder fertilizer, the quality and granulating rate will be affected.

  1. Control the moisture content of powder fertilizer.

The suitable moisture content of raw materials is about 30%. If the moisture is too high, they would stick together. If the moisture is too high, they may not have enough cohesion to become fertilizer granules.

  1. Choosing reliable disk granulator supplier

A reliable fertilizer machine manufacture must can provide you high performance equipment. That’s also the basis for increasing the granulating rate. Take ShunXin disk granulator as an example, we design scraper and spray system for the pan granulator. They are used for reduce the fertilizer sticking on the disk and keep the moisture content of fertilizer materials.

  1. Improving the technical level of operator.

Operating is the key to produce quality fertilizer granules. It is very important to strengthen the training of operators’ skill level. Or you can hire experienced workers.

What are the Functions of Compost Turners?2020-09-27T14:06:13+08:00

Composting is a process in which the manure collected in the fecal canal of the farm is dehydrated by a solid-liquid separator, and then mixed with some auxiliary materials to adjust the carbon nitrogen ratio. Through the up and down tossing of the composting machine, aerobic fermentation is carried out to form organic fertilizer and soil amendment, so as to achieve the purpose of harmless, reduction and resource utilization.

The emergence of the compost turning equipment is gradually replacing manual material turning. It has the following functions in composting.

  1. The special requirements of composting technology are realized, such as crushing raw materials, realizing quantitative displacement of raw materials or giving certain shape to raw materials windrow.
  2. Improve the permeability of raw material windrow: the turning system can process the materials into small lumps, and make the thick, elastic and dense raw material windrowbecome fluffy and form appropriate porosity.
  3. Mixing function in raw material conditioning: in fertilizer making process, some auxiliary materials need to be added in order to adjust the carbon nitrogen ratio, water content and ph value of raw materials. The agitator can be used to mix the main raw materials roughly stacked together according to the proportion with various auxiliary materials, so as to achieve the purpose of quenching and tempering.

Characteristics of Rotating Drum Granulating Machine2020-09-27T14:07:50+08:00

As an efficient organic fertilizer granulating machine, the pelletizing rate of rotating drum granulator can reach 90%, and the it’s easy to operate and maintain. The specific advantages are as follows:
1. Increase the material temperature during the operation of the drum granulator, so that the moisture content of the material after pelletizing is low and the drying efficiency is improved.
2. The drum granulator is lined with rubber engineering plastics, so the raw materials are not easy to stick to the cylinder, and have the function of anti-corrosion and heat preservation.
3. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene is used to build the inner lining of granulator equipment, which eliminates the phenomenon of material sticking to the wall and reduces the labor intensity of workers.
4. The drum granulator has large capacity, low power consumption, low maintenance cost and long service life.

ShunXin rotary drum granulating machine has great efficiency and quality, choosing it, you will make fertilizer much easier.

How to Remove the Bad Smell When Composting Organic Fertilizer?2020-09-27T14:08:11+08:00

Organic fertilizer materials always are some animal wastes or livestock manures. These materials always have bad smells, which are bad to environment and people’s health. So how to solve the odor? You may get the solution from the following content.

  1. Make a good formula of raw materials and keep the raw materials mixed well. Before composting, the livestock manures always need to be mixed with some auxiliary materials. Mixing them evenly can partly reduce the bad smells of manures.
  2. Store raw materials as quickly as possible. If you don’t collect and store the raw materials in time, the materials may compost naturally, produce bad smells. The fertilizer efficiency also will be reduced.
  3. Keep the moisture content of materials about 30%.
  4. Ensure the air permeability of raw materials. If the materials can’t contact enough air, the anaerobic fermentation will occurs, which will cause serious bad smeels.
  5. Make sure the composting site is flat ground, prevention of puddles and ponding.
  6. Keep the composting machine clean and dry.

Moisture Requirement of Organic Fertilizer Granulation2020-09-27T14:08:44+08:00

In the working process of organic fertilizer granulating machine, it is required that the material has a certain viscosity. Some raw materials are loose after fermentation, and it is not easy to granulation. If it is not easy to granulation, some water or adhesive should be added to increase the viscosity of the material. Organic fertilizer equipment pan granulator and rotary granulator are granulated by pellet method. Water or binder will be added in the process of granulation to ensure the smooth granulation of materials. The new organic fertilizer granulator adopts wet granulation method, and the material after fermentation can be directly granulated, without the operation of other processes.

If the moisture content of the material is too high, you can add some dry materials to neutralize the moisture content. If the water content is too low, it is easy to granulation.

Before granulation, there is no need to stop the processing, crushing and composting of raw materials, which can directly realize the batching processing and direct granulation, which not only saves a small amount of power input, but also effectively reduces the cost, and also realizes the greater improvement of task efficiency, which is convenient and fast, and the effect is satisfactory. The new type of organic fertilizer wet granulator also achieves 100% organic content, realizing the exclusive manufacture of pure organic fertilizer.

How to Improve the Nutrient Purity of Organic Fertilizer?2020-09-27T14:09:14+08:00

To get more profits from organic fertilizers, the best way is to improve the nutrient purity. There are two suggestions:

Roughing of raw materials–screening

The raw materials of organic fertilizer are always some animal manures, industry wastes, sludge and so on. There are many useless materials, which are not suitable to be fertilizer, but also harmful. To pick them out, you can choose screening machine. This equipment can screen out the redundant matters from the raw materials. After screening, the quality of fertilizer can be partly improved.

Fine finishing–composting

This is the deep processing of screened materials, and it’s mainly suitable for composting animals waste. With the help of composting equipment, manures can get fine fermenting. Because of the high temperature when composting, the plant weeds, pest eggs and other harmful materials can be greatly destroyed. As a result, the fertilizer products have better quality and competitiveness.

How to Reduce Animal Manures Moisture?2020-09-27T14:09:41+08:00

Before knowing how to reduce the moisture of animal manures, we should know why they need to be dewatered.Whether you want to compost the manures or make them into organic fertilizer grnaules, the high moisture will be the hinder. It will cause many questions, such as the loss of fertilizer nutrient, air pollution, bad smells and breeding of flies.

So how to dispose animal manures to suitable moisture?

The traditional way is to dewater them naturally. That will cost a lot of time, prolong the process of making fertilizer. To shorten the timing consuming and improve your efficient of making organic fertilizer products, we designed two types of high performance solid-liquid separator machine: screw extrusion type and inclined sieve. They have great capacity and high automation for dewatering animal manures. Using them, you would make fertilizers more smoothly.

Dry Granulation and Appropriate Machines2020-09-27T14:10:04+08:00

Which materials are suitable for dry granulation method?

Fertilizer materials with about 10% moisture can be regarded as dry materials. Dry granulation method is the way to make dry fertilizer materials into granules. So no matter you want to make organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer, the dry granulation method is suitable.

What machines are used for dry granulation?

In ShunXin, there are two kinds of dry granulation equipment: double roller granulator and flat die granulating machine. The first one makes fertilizer granules by the extruding of two rollers. The second one works by the extruding of roller and granulating mold. The most convenience of these two granulators is that you don’t need to dry the final granules, that will save you the cost of drying machine. And no matter which one you choose, all of them can work well for your fertilizer making plant.

How to Get Better Use of Chicken Manure?2020-09-27T14:10:28+08:00

Chicken manure is always the efficient fertilizer materials for plants. But if you fertilize chicken to plants directly may cause some problems. To make better use of chicken manures, there are two main ways for choosing.

The first is simply treatment–composting. You can use compost turners to help them ferment. That will destroy the useless materials in chicken dungs, such as pest eggs, grass weeds and some harmful matters.

The second is fine machining–granulating. That means granulate chicken manures into pellets. Using this way, you will get great chicken manure fertilizer granules. You can use it for your own plants or you can pack them into bags for sale. No matter using or selling, this way is really recommended.

Notes on Pelleting Poultry Manures2020-09-27T14:10:53+08:00

1. Dewatering

Poultry manures have high moisture content, which will affect the granulating process of them. Therefore the dewatering of animal manure by solid-liquid separator machine is very necessary.

2. Composting

Poultry animals always don’t have good digestive capacity. So there are some useless materials in their manures, such as pest eggs and plant weeds. And they ferment naturally costs long time. In case to solve these problems, you need to compost them in advance.

3. Granulation method

Manures with about 10% moisture content are suitable for dry granulation equipment; 10%-30% moisture manures need wet granulation equipment.

4. Drying

Using wet granulation machines, the final fertilizer granules need to dry. To shorten the time consuming, you can choose our fertilizer drying machine.

What is composting and how to compost?2020-09-27T14:11:19+08:00

Composting refers to the process of helping animal manures get better fermenting by compost turners. It’s an important step in organic fertilizer manufacturing plant.
As the efficient materials of making organic fertilizer, animal manures always need to be composted before being fertilizer products. The composted materials will have higher purity of nutrients. To make quality composting fertilizer, high performance compost turning equipment is very necessary. They can compost windrow manures or work in ferment grooves. Using them, time consuming for manures fermenting can be shortened greatly, useless matters such as pest eggs, plant seeds and bad smells, can be completely wiped out.

How to adjust the fertilizer pellet size with different granulators?2020-09-27T14:11:42+08:00

As for rotating types fertilizer granulators, you can adjust the rotating speed of the rotor. Want large fertilizer granules, you can set the rotor with low rotating speed. On the contrary, want small fertilizer pellets, you just need to fasten the rotating speed of the rotor.
For adjusting the size of fertilizer balls produced by disk granulator, you just need to adjust the inclination angle of the pelleting disc.
Refer to extruding granulator, the extrusion force can be adjusted by hydraulic system. Small extruding pressure brings large holes, the pellets will be large. Large extruding pressure brings small holes and granules.

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