Compost turner is the equipment which can help organic fertilizer raw materials get better fermentation. Small compost turner, as its name suggest, it’s mainly used for small scale composting need. As an experienced fertilizer equipment manufacturer, we designed 3 high quality small scale compost turners for meeting your need of composting. No matter you are a composted organic fertilizer supplier or an owner of small farm, with our small scale compost turning machine, your organic fertilizer raw materials can be disposed very well.

  • Types of small scale compost turners in ShunXin

With more than 15 years business qualification, we design 3 excellent small scale fertilizer composting machines. They can compost different form fertilizer efficiently. Next are their characteristics, you may find the differences among them.

Groove type compost turner with small capacity

This kind of turning machine also called rail type compost turner and track type compost turner. As a small scale compost turner with our advanced technology, it can compost fertilizer raw materials automatically without man control, that can greatly reduce your cost on manpower. The hard and durable compost teeth we used for it can greatly crush and mix the fertilizer raw material, that will make the composting more efficiently. It can compost 200 cubic meter fertilizer raw materials per hour. For your small scale fertilizer composting, the groove type compost turner will be the unique choice. For meeting your different needs, we also have double-groove type and half-groove type can be your choices.

Groove type agricultural waste compost turner
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4-wheel type small capacity compost turner
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Small moving type compost turning machine

Compared to other small compost turner, moving type compost turning machine is more flexible. It takes the four-wheel walking design, so it can move flexibly with a man driving it. In fact, likes a car, its running speed can be adjusted by the driver. And no matter outdoor or the workshop, it can work perfectly. The reasonable overall structure makes the whole machine has good rigidity, safe and reliable performance. And it’s very easy to operate and maintain.

Small size forklift composting equipment

Like moving type compost turning machine, forklift compost turner also needs a man to drive. As its name mentioned, it’s a forklift. But the difference with normal forklift is that there are many compost teeth in its bucket. And the opening and closing of the cover board in bucket can be controlled by the driver. It not only can compost the fertilizer raw material, but also can be a conveying machine, or you can compost and convey the fertilizer raw material at the same time. It can save you the cost of conveying.

Windrow turner for your small scale industrial composting
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  • How does each compost turning machine work?

Movable small scale composting equipment working principle

As mentioned above, moving type compost turner working has four steels, it can move forward, backward and turn around. When composting, the fertilizer needs to be stacked into a long strip in advance, then a man drive this compost turner, mixing, loosing, moving the fertilizer materials. After composting, the long strip became new bar-type windrow. Because of the mobility, it can be used in the open space and indoor workshop.

How does our small groove type compost turner work?

This kind of turning machine is suitable for composting fertilizer in the specified fermentation groove. When composting, it moves fore and aft along the track of the fermentation groove. At the same time, the composting teeth rotating with a high speed, stirring operation and mixing the fertilizer materials evenly. It can also improve the permeability of raw materials, make them fluffy and elastic. During the process, the material absorbs a lot of air, the temperature of the manure pile also can be improved. If the temperature is too high, it also can be lowered by the absorbed air. That will form an alternate state of medium and high temperature, which is beneficial to the growth and reproduction of microorganisms.

Small forklift turner equipment for composting

Unlike other small compost turner, forklift turning equipment composts fertilizer in its own bucket. Although the fertilizer materials need to be stacked into windrow, the forklift digs up the proper amount of fertilizer then compost the fertilizer in the bucket. To make this compost turner more useful, we designed a cover board in the composting bucket. When the cover board is open, it can compost fertilizer efficiently. When the cover board is close, the compost turner becomes a traditional forklift and can be used for conveying the fertilizer to the next process.

composting machine delivery
loading compost turning equipment

What are their detailed differences in working?

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  • Where our compost turning machine can be used?

Because of the small compact structure and high flexibility, our small compost turner can be used in many outdoor compost or workshop.
For your commercial composting need in small fertilizer composting plant, they have high capacity and low power consumption. As you can see, they have high degree of automatic, so using these machines can greatly fasten the speed of making fertilizer and save you lots of cost of artificial compost.
As for the small farm you owned, the compost turner can’t be more suitable for your composting need, especially is the moving type compost turner. No matter you have the conditions of indoor compost, our you want to compost them outside, the moving type won’t let you down.

  • Why our small compost turner can be your choice?

For producing high performance compost turners, we use different materials for different parts. The composting teeth are formed by high hardness and lightweight metal materials. They make the composting teeth with stronger corrosion and abrasive resistance. Even there are sharp or corrosive materials in the fertilizer, the composting teeth can work well. As for the bearing system, we use high quality alloy material, that makes composting more steadily. The serve life is twice longer than before.
A preeminent fertilizer equipment manufacturer not only needs to manufacture high quality machines, but also needs to provide customers considerate service. This has always been our business philosophy idea. For making your composting process more smooth, we provide you one-stop service. From choosing suitable small compost turner to the using and maintain, we can give you reasonable advice and technical guidance.

Tractor Compost Turner for chicken Manure Composting Buckets Components
ShunXin groove compost turner composting parts
composting teeth of our groove type compost turner

Knowing our high performance equipment and considerate service, you may be worried about the price. In fact, the price of our compost turner is really affordable. We have our own factory, without other extra cost, all the equipment you buy from ShunXin is factory price. The price is lower but the quality is always higher.

    If you have any interest or need of our product, just feel free to send inquiry to us!

    Notes: for a better and efficient quotation, if your raw materials are animal manures, minimum processing capacity shall meet 10 ton per day, and the animal farm scale should as follows:

    • Chicken farm:  ≥200,000 chicken
    • Cow Farm: ≥500 cows
    • Pig Farm:≥1000 pigs

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