Poultry manure is one of the most common materials used for manufacturing organic fertilizer. But different manures have different features. Such as chicken manure has high moisture content, horse manure has rich fiber content, pig manure has strongest fertility retention capacity, etc. So how to make different manure management plan? What if I want to dry/dewater/compost/granulate the manures? More details are as follows.

Why do we need waste management in poultry farm?

In poultry farms, poultry manure management always is the trouble to farm owners. Unsuitable disposal may even cause environment pollution. In fact, the original poultry manures has high organic nutrients, they can be efficient organic fertilizers. But there are also many useless or even harmful materials in fresh poultry manures. If you use fresh manures directly to crops and plants, they would ferment naturally and release lots of heats, that will burn the crops. More importantly, animal manures may conclude some pest eggs or grass seeds, using them not only can’t help crops grow better, but also will cause low yield.

Manure management plan is our new designed way to dispose poultry farm manures. With efficient equipment and reasonable process, you can make the annoying poultry manures into efficient organic fertilizers. For commercial organic fertilizer plants, you will get wonderful profits. The manures won’t bother you anymore, which is also good for the environment.

How about the economical profits of making poultry manure into organic fertilizer? 

How to manage different kind of manures?

As we all know, due to the difference between different animals, their manures may have different features, so how to manage them efficiently? SX fertilizer machine supplier will provide you efficient manure management plans.

Chicken farm waste management plan-Aerobic composting

Because of poor digestion ability of chickens, there are about 40%-70% nutrient contents in chicken poops. So the nutrient content of chicken manure is the highest in animal wastes. That’s also why most people choose chicken poops to make organic fertilizer.

Groove Type Organic Fertilizer Composting Machine
Organic Fertilizer Stirring Tooth Granulator

The easiest way to manage chicken poops is to compost them directly. As a recommendation, groove type compost turning machine will be the most suitable equipment. Before composting, you can build several composting grooves. Using SX groove type compost turner, chicken manure can get continuously mixing and crushing. The rotating high efficiency composting teeth can lift up and down chicken poops. In this process, chicken manure will contact enough oxygen, that’s the aerobic composting process. During composting, the manure temperature can reach to about 60 ℃. High temperature can efficiently kill the pest eggs and grass seeds, which even can make sure the chicken waste has pure organic nutrients.

organic fertilizer plant design for our Indian customer

After composting, the chicken waste can be sold or used as organic fertilizer. If you want to get more efficient chicken manure fertilizer, we suggest you make granular chicken manrue organic fertilizer. This chicken manure management plan is also a very common way people choose. You just need to buy an organic fertilizer granulator to make chicken manure fertilizer granules.

How much does the chicken manure management plan cost?

How to manage fresh cow manure? – Dewatering and composting

Fresh cow manure has more than 65% moisture content, so it’s better to dewater them before disposing. In ShunXin, we have dedicated cow dung dewatering machines. They can reduce cow manure moisture content to about 30%, the separated liquid can also be made into fertilizers. Moreover, our solid-liquid separator machine is also suitable for dewatering all kinds of organic fertilizer materials.

wheel type fertilizer compost turner

Cow manure with 30% moisture content is much easier to manage. Like chicken poops, manure management plan of cattle waste is also mainly composting. But cow dung is a kind of cold manure, and its nutrient content is also lower than other animal manures. So when make composting cow manure, it’s better to add some other fertilizer elements or fermenting bacteria. By this way, the nutrient content of cow manure will be improved much higher. Then you can use large scale wheel type turning machine to compost them.

Wheel type composting machine is also a kind of groove compost turner. But you just need to build one groove when use it, which will save your space and labor cost. In other word, it’s really an excellent large scale manures compost turner. Full automatic PLC control cabinet and world class bearing pedestal makes the machine cost low energy and work efficiently.

Management of solid manure in pig farm – Adding auxiliary materials

Pig manure has the highest humus content and strongest fertility retention capacity. But the cellulose decomposing bacteria is very low. Luckily, horse manure has high fiber content and rich cellulose composting bacteria. So a good way to manage pig manure is to mix it with horse manure and compost them. Their nutrients are just complementary and the final fertilizer products also has excellent efficiency. If you don’t have horse manure, there is also an easy way: add some plants such as straw, grass, saw dust, etc. For evenly composting, the auxiliary materials may need to be crushed into small particles in advance(straw crushing machine can help).

For making pig dung composting, crawler type compost turner will be the most suitable turning machine. 4 models of the machine can meet your different needs of large medium, and small scale composting. Compared to the mentioned composting equipment, this machine don’t need you to build composting grooves. You just need to pile them up into long fertilizer windrows. Then with an operator driving, the crawler windrow turner moving through the fertilizer heaps. With high speed composting teeth, the fertilizer materials can get high quality composting fertilizers.

How to make pig manure and horse manure blening organic fertilizer?

Dry manure management system – Dry granulating process

Dry manure refers to the low moisture content poultry manures. To manage these manures, the most efficient way is to make them into fertilizer granules by dry fertilizer granulating machine.

SX flat die granulator is the specific machine for making dry organic fertilizer pellets. It makes fertilizer granules by the extruding between granulating roller and mold. So the fertilizer granules don’t need to dry, which can save you a lot of cost on drying machine. With fine hardness and diameter 3-8mm, you can directly pack the fertilizer granules.

Organic Fertilizer Flat Die Granulator
Fertilizer Balls Polishing Machine

Moreover, fertilizer pellets made by flat die granulator are columnar. If you want to get fertilizer balls, we can equip you a fertilizer polishing machine. For normal fertilizer granules, it can make them more compact and round. For columnar fertilizer pellets, this machine can make them into round fertilizer balls by two rotating pans.

Complete design of cow manure management plan for sale

As mentioned above, cow dung is a kind of cold manure. It has rich nutrients but high moisture content. So choosing suitable way to use cow manure as organic fertilizer is very important. As a professional fertilizer equipment supplier, we can provide you the most efficient cow dung fertilizer making layout.

Large scale cow manure fertilizer plant

For large capacity cow manure owners, we recommend you 15t/h organic fertilizer production line. Large scale wheel type turning machine can compost poultry manures in a short time and cost low energy. After then, the drum granulating machine can make composting cow manure into fertilizer granules.

Composting and Granular Fertilizer Production Line

To make it easier to store and transport the fertilizer pellets, a fertilizer drying machine is necessary. It can dry wet fertilizer granules into low moisture content and reduce fertilizer binding. With the connection of fertilizer conveying machine, the fertilizer granules will be conveyed to packing machine, a whole process of making large capacity cow manure fertilizer finished.

Small size cattle dung organic fertilizer line

For small cow waste fertilizer factory, the moving type compost turner can be helpful. With high moving flexibility, it won’t be limited by working site. As a kind of windrow turner, self-walking composting machine is always the best selling small turner in SX.

3D design of making powder fertilizer

For small quantity cow dung granulating, you can choose our 2-3t/h stirring tooth organic fertilizer granulator. Its granulating rate can reach to 98%, and the fertilizer granules have round appearance and fine hardness. Choosing this granulator, you don’t need to equip polishing machine for the whole fertilizer making line. And you can pack or sell the fertilizer granules directly.

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