Chicken waste is a kind of pollution material, but it’s also a kind of valuable resource to be used as fertilizer. Fresh chicken manure is rich in organic matters and protein, it’s also the best animal wastes material to be fertilizer. As the basis and a necessary part of chicken manure fertilizer making factory, chicken feces compost is very important. So, how to make quality chicken manure compost? You may find out the answer from the following part.

Why chicken manure should be composted?

Composting chicken manure has better nutrient and is more efficient for fertilizing than chicken dung raw materials. So why chicken manure is suitable for composting?
Chicken manure is rich in nutrients, including crude protein 18.7%, fat 2.5%, ash 13%, carbohydrate 11%, fiber 7%. Nitrogen 2.34%, phosphorus 2.32%, potassium 0.83%, which are 4.1 times, 5.1 times and 1.8 times of pig dung respectively. High nutrition makes it the most widely used fertilizer. But in fact, there are also some useless and even harmful materials.

dried chicken manure content

Because of the poor digestive ability of chickens, there are some plant weeds, pest or parasite eggs in chicken dung. What’s more, the moisture of fresh chicken manure is very high. So if you use fresh chicken waste directly to plants, it will not bring plants better growth, but hurt them. Therefore, how to make chicken manure compost efficiently?

How to maximize the use of high nutritional chicken manure?

Different ways of composting chicken manure

Aerobic fermentation in composting grooves

This method is suitable for the customer who has enough composting place. Choosing this way, the fermenting and composting of chicken manure can finish in about 15 days. Because of aerobic composting method these machines adopt, the bad smells of chicken manure can be greatly eliminated. But you need to build composting grooves for this method and the size of composting groove depends on the composting machine you choose.

Composting with windrow chicken manure

Compared to the first method of composting chicken manure, you just need flat and wide-open space to compost windrow chicken wastes. When composting, you can make chicken manures into long windrows of the same width. Then you can choose the suitable windrow composting machine. These machines can greatly compost and crush chicken wastes. After composting, the chicken manure became new windrows.

Making chicken manure composting in vessel

How to make good chicken manure compost without extra materials? You may need this method. Composting chicken waste in sealed vessel can efficiently eliminate the pest eggs, plant weeds and other wastes in chicken dungs. With high efficientcy fermentation pot, the composting process can finish in only 7 days, and it’s not affected by weather and season.

organic fertilizer large fermentation pot

Detailed information about different chicken manure composting methods.

How to compost large quantity of chicken manure?

Chicken farm always takes the largest part in all kinds of farms. No matter you have your own chicken farm or want to buy them form other chicken farmers, chicken dung is very easy to get. After then, how to make large scale chicken manure compost?

The best selling chicken dung large size compost turner in ShunXin is wheel type compost turner. Its turning depth can be 1.5-3m. The size of composting wheel can be customized according to your need. Its largest composting width is 30m. Plus the full automated electric control cabinet, it can save 70% power than traditional compost turner with same capacity.

wheel type fertilizer compost turner
Chain plate compost turner machine

Another high performance large size chicken dung composting machine is chain plate compost equipment. It’s also a kind of turning machine that needs a composting groove to compost the chicken droppings. It’s largest composting capacity is 1000 cubic meters per hour. The moving speed is 1-5m per minute and it’s adjustable according to your need. According to your composting site, capacity and energy consumption requirements, we can design the suitable model of chain plate compost turner.

The last one is chicken waste fermentation pot. It’s the most efficient machine for large scale composting from chicken manures. Choosing fermentation pot, the harmless treatment of chicken manure can complete in 10 hours and the composting process just costs 10 days. It’s largest capacity is 150 cubic meters, but it only covers an area of 10-30m². Like the above two compost turners, it also doesn’t need person to operate. The whole working process can complete automatically.

organic fertilizer fermentation pot

How to select the suitable chicken dung composting machine?

For small commercial composting of chicken dung, how to make chicken manure compost efficiently?

To meet your needing of making small scale chicken waste composting, there are four kinds of small compost turning machine: groove type compost turner, crawler type composting machine, moving type compost turner and forklift compost turning machine.

groove type fertilizer composting equipment

They have excellent capacity and consumes low energy. If you want to compost chicken manure in composting groove, the small size groove composting machine will be your best choice. Its turning width can be 3-30m, the turning depth can be 0.8-1.8m. With full automated control system, you needn’t to control it all the time.

If you don’t want to build a composting groove, you can choose the other three kinds of small chicken manure composting machine. Using them, you just need to pile up the chicken manure into long windrow on flat ground. These windrow chicken dung composting machines can work carefully and fasten the decomposing of chicken wastes. The difference between these equipment and the other compost turners is that they need a driver to operate, and they have higher flexibility when working.

crawler type compost turning machine
forklift type compost turner
self-moving type compost turning machine

how much investment is required to start a chicken manure composting factory?

How long does it take for chicken manure to compost?

In the past, people always composting chicken manure by nature. They just pile up the chicken manure outdoors and let them ferment naturally. Chicken manure composting by this way always takes 3-4 months. More serious is that chicken dung composting by this way is anaerobic fermentation, which will produce a lot of bad smells and the extra materials can’t be eliminated.

By composting equipment and aerobic fermentation technology, the composting speed of chicken dung is 10-20 times than the traditional way. Using them, the composting of chicken manure can complete in 14 days. It will greatly improve your efficiency of making chicken waste fertilizer. The quality of composting chicken dung is also much better than before.

How to make the most efficient chicken manure composting plan?

How to start a chicken manure compost factory?

Setting up a chicken dung composting fertilizer plant is a very efficient way to get more profits from chicken litter. You can choose different layout of chicken manure compost factories.

For small capacity composting plant, you just need a chicken manure dewatering machine and suitable compost turner, and they just occupy a small area. This plan is suitable for small chicken farm owners who want to use the chicken manure for own crops.

Chicken Manure Composting Plant

For medium or large scale chicken dung factory, the necessary machines may be more and the layout may be more different. The main needed equipment in medium and large composting chicken dung factory is dewatering machine, compost turner, chicken dung mixing machine, fertilizer conveying machine and packing machine. Use these machines, you can get quality chicken manure fertilizers. The packing machine can pack final fertilizers into same weight bags, which can help you store, transport and sell them easily.

produce composting fertilizer for large scale

In addition, there is also another way to get more economical profits for large chicken dung composting plants: granulating. Choosing a chicken manure granulating machine can make powdery composted chicken dungs into quality balls. They have more stable fertilizer efficiency and are much easier to store.
As a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, all the chicken dung machines we provide you have high performance and capacity. We can provide you free layout of chicken dung composting line. If you have any requirements, we can also adjust the plan until you get the ideal one.

Composting equipment is really helpful for making quality chicken manure compost, choosing the suitable one, you may make composting chicken dungs much more efficiently.

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