wet granulation method processWet granulation equipment is a dedicated fertilizer machine used in organic manure granulation plants. In ShunXin fertilizer equipment manufacturing factory, there are different types of organic fertilizer pelletizers, adopted with wet granulation technology, like rotary drum granulators, new developed organic fertilizer granulation machine, disk granulation equipment, etc. Customers have wide ranges of options to select your best available wet fertilizer granulator machines according to your project scales, budgets, raw materials, etc. Compared to dry granulation equipment, why the wet ones are more accessible for your organic fertilizer business? The following details in wet granulation design technology just for your reference.

What’s the difference between dry granulation method and wet gruanlation mthod?

Why wet granulation is preferred?

As we all know, there are two main methods of granulation: wet granulation and dry granulation. Dry granulation method is mainly used by double roller extrusion granulator and flat die granulator. Both of them works by extruding the dry powder fertilizer materials into special balls. But you need to dry and crush the raw materials into powder in advance. After granulating, the final fertilizer granules can be packed directly without drying and cooling.

As for wet granulation method, it not only can granulate fertilizers, but also can work for many other industries. Before granulating, because of the raw materials are wet, you don’t need to dry them. They can be conveyed into granulators directly, that will save you many energies and reduce the dust pollution. At present, it has been the highly recommend granulation method by many industries. In addition, the granules produced with wet granulation method are more compact and not easy to break because of the liquid blinder.

Equipped with ShunXin wet fertilizer granulator, you can make more profit from the following materials.

Poultry manure

Poultry manure contains chicken dung, duck waste, goose droppings, and other poultry litters. It is the easiest fertilizer material to get and it’s also the easiest to be ignored by people. In fact, it’s high quality organic fertilizer material. But the moisture of poultry manure is too high, so before granulating, they need to dewater and reduce the moisture to 20%-40%. Using our wet fertilizer granulator will bring you great profits and you will not have trouble in disposing poultry manure.

organic fertilizer raw materials for wet granulation

What kind of fertilizer material you have? We will provide you the most suitable plan.

Livestock waste

For many livestock farmers, livestock animals producing a lot of waste every day, sometimes they even don’t have energy to manage the manure. If you have a livestock farm and you don’t know how to manage the animal waste, the wet granulation fertilizer producing equipment will be the best choice for you. Like poultry manure, livestock waste has high nutrition value to make organic fertilizer and it also needs to be dehydrated in advance. But the excretion capacity of livestock is much greater than that of poultry. That means you will get really considerable income by making organic fertilizer from livestock waste.

final granules produced by wet granulation equipment

Some other organic materials

Except for the fertilizer stuff above, there are also some other organic wastes can be organic fertilizer, such as mushroom, filter mud from sugar mill, biogas residue, straw sawdust, etc. Unlike poultry manure and livestock waste, these organic waste need to be crushed, composted, mixed and some other procedures. Turning the organic waste into fertilizer not only can improve the factory earnings, but also is a good way to reduce the environmental pollution which is worth advocating.

You can also post us some materials, we can granulate them freely for your testing.

What types of wet granulation machine can you choose in ShunXin?

1. New type wet organic fertilizer granulation machine

New type wet organic fertilizer granulation machine is a typical large scale granulator adopts wet granulation method. It has many stirring sticks in its lining wall. When it starts granulating, the outer barrel is still and the inner wall rotating in a high speed. Through the stir of sticks, the moisture content of fertilizer raw materials will be 20%-40% and turn into pellets in the machine. This granulator not only ensures the granulation rate but also saves a lot of energy.

2.Rotary drum granulator with wet pelleting technology

Rotary drum looks like new type fertilizer granulation machine in appearance. But it has reduction gears and big gear ring on its outer wall. And unlike new type fertilizer granulation machine, it makes granules by the rotating of the drum. The raw materials rotate with the rotating of the drum. Through ceaselessly rotating, the fertilizer materials became high quality granules.

Considering that using wet granulation method is easy to cause the fertilizer stick on the inner wall of the drum, we use special rubber lining or acid-proof stainless steel lining inside the drum instead of the traditional scraper device. That will solve the problem efficiently. And the open-design at both ends greatly help you feed in materials and get granules at the same time. By this way it can granulate continuously and bring you more profits.

What else materials can be granulated by rotary drum granulator? 

3.Rotary drum churning wet type granulator

The rotary drum churning wet type granulator is our innovative wet granulation equipment. It combines the advantages of rotary drum granulator and new type granulating machine. The drum and the stirring teeth rotating at the same time when it working. For that reason, the speed of granulating is much faster than other granulators, at the same time, the shortening of time consumption can greatly keep fertilizers moisture. As a result, this kind of granulator has higher capacity and consumes less power than the above two granulation machines.

4.Disk pelletizer for wet granulation

The above three kinds of granulator are very similar in appearance and working method. But the disk pelletizer is quite different. Its main working part is just a disc, when the raw materials need to be granulated, you just need to feed the fertilizer materials into the disc, and the disc begins rotating. Because of its open structure, the water will evaporate during granulation.

Pan Type Fertilizer Pelletizing Machine

To solve this problem, we equipped the disc granulator with a spray device, it will make the granulation more smooth and improve the granulating rate. The raw material rolling in it and turn to pellets, when the diameter of fertilizer balls reaches to predetermined numeric value, the pellets will be poured out of the disc and conveyed to next process. Furthermore, pan granulator can granulate many kinds of fertilizer materials, such as organic fertilizer, npk, limestone, compound fertilizer, and so on.

How to adjust the granules size using pan type granulator?

Why choose us as your wet granulation equipment manufacturer?

  • Design

According to the characteristics of wet granulation method, we are always improving our equipment. At last, we designed the above four excellent wet granulation equipment. Take the rotary drum granulator as an example, we use a special rubber lining or acid-proof stainless steel lining inside the drum. So that the drum can remove scar and stuck fertilizer on the inner wall automatically. That efficiently reduce the paste and corrosion of drum inner wall by fertilizer and also saves the labor needed to clean it up.

  • Customize

No matter what scale of fertilizer production factory you want, large scale, medium scale, or small scale, our granulators can almost be used in all of the above scales. You can choose different model of equipment according to their requirements about granulating. In consideration of you might have special demands, such as spray system, a dehydrator, the shape of granules, the capacity, we can provide customized model on the basis of your purchase intention.

disk granulator delivery
rotary drum granulator delivery
delivery of ShunXin fertilizer machines
  • Quality

We devote to improve the performance and use experience, unlike some other manufacturers, our focus is not on profitability but on building a manufacturer that customers can rely on. And in fact, we have many regular customers. They are highly of our equipment. To attract more customers, we pay more attention to manufacture high quality machine to keep our business relationship. And they choose us as their long-term cooperative partner.

  • Price

Generally speaking, our equipment would be very expensive. But in fact, while ensuring the quality of the machines, we always give customers very reasonable and affordable prices. And we provide machines from our factory directly, that will save a lot of extra price. Compared with other factory, our machine has the best quality at the same price. That is why many customers are willing to choose us as their fixed cooperative partner.

Contact us to get free inquiry to fertilizer making projects. 

How to adjust moisture content of different materials before using wet granulation equipment?

As mentioned above, the moisture requirement of raw materials when using wet granulating machine is 20%-40%. But the moisture content is always different between different materials, so how to adjust the moisture of different materials? Here are some helpful suggestions.

High moisture content materials — dewatering

screw extrusion type solid-liquid separator machine

For high moisture content materials, such as chicken manure(75%), cow manure(>80%) and filter mud, the easiest way to reduce their moisture content is dewatering. If you have small quantity of these materials, you can stack them outside and let them dry naturally. But that will take a long time and if the weather is not good, it will take much longer time. So if you want to reduce the moisture content of raw materials faster, or you have large quantity of materials, you can choose our solid-liquid fertilizer separating machine. It can separate the extra liquid from fertilizer materials, reducing the material moisture content in a short time but cost low energy. You can also add some auxiliary materials to the materials, such as sawdust and straws, they can help the organic fertilizer materials get better composting and make the granulating more smoothly.

Low moisture content materials — adding liquid additive

flat die fertilizer granulating equipment

If your material is already dried to very low moisture, you can add some liquid additives, such as liquid spawns. They can improve the organic fertilizer materials moisture and nutrients content. As a result, your fertilizer products will get better quality. If you think this way is too complicated, you can granulate the low moisture fertilizer materials directly by dry granulation equipment. That can also save you a lot of cost and time and bring you quality fertilizer pellets.

If you want our our granulation equipment, please contact us and we will give you more information about them.

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