Npk fertilizer refers to a kind of compound fertilizer which mainly consists of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It’s also a type of hot-sale fertilizer all the time. Many fertilizer manufacturers get great profits from making compound npk fertilizer. If you also want to be a npk fertilizer supplier or just want to make this kind of fertilizer for your own plants, we commend you our professional npk fertilizer production line. Next is detailed information about SX top4 different technologies for producing npk fertilizer.

How to select the suitable paln according to your requirements? 

Powdery Form NPK Fertilizer Production Line

Making powder npk fertilizer is the simplest plan to get profits. The most economical process only needs mixing machine and packing equipment.

For mixing npk fertilizer materials, we have horizontal fertilizer mixer and single shaft mixer:

Horizontal mixer is suitable for 2-3t/h compound fertilizer making plant. With auger type mixing agitator, this machine not only can mix powdery fertilizer materials, but also can be used for mixing large quantity or different materials. When finished mixing, materials will discharge automatically from the bottom discharge port. Then you can add next batch materials.

Horizontal Fertilizer Materials Mixing Equipment
Single Shaft Fertilizer Mixer

Single shaft fertilizer mixing machine has larger capacity. It’s specially designed for mixing all kinds of compound fertilizers. Generally, it’s usually equipped with batching machine. When fertilizer materials feed into the mixing tank, a pair of double helical ribbon type blade will mix the materials evenly. Moreover, this kind of fertilizer mixer can work continuously, which means it can feed in and out fertilizer materials at the same time. That’s also the reason why it’s suitable for large fertilizer producing factories.

In addition, both of these two fertilizer mixing machines equip anti smash net. It can protect the main working parts from smashing of big hard materials. Or even protect workers’ health.

Click to get more details zhout these two fertilizer mixing machines.

As for packing, we have high precision packing scale:

As we know, powdery materials are not very stable. They are easily to be affected by wind, water, and dust. So the storage of powdery npk fertilizer is also very important. Aims to solve this problem, we designed high precision npk fertilizer packing machine. It can weigh fertilizer powders very precisely with very small error. You can set the packing value of ideal fertilizer bags in advance, and the machine can pack them automatically.

Fertilizer Packing Machine

How does the fertilizer packing equipment work?

NPK Fertilizer Granules Producing Plan

Granular npk fertilizer production line can be regarded as the post-treatment of npk fertilizer powders. Making powdery fertilizer into granules can prolong the storage time of fertilizers.

Powdery granulating machine used for npk fertilizer:

In SX, we have all kinds of fertilizer granulating machines. Making npk fertilizer, you can use rotary drum granulator and roller extruding granulator.

Rotary drum granulator is suitable for granulating wet fertilizer materials with moisture about 30%. Adopts agglomeration granulating method, fertilizer materials can roll into fine granules by the high speed rotating drum and viscosity. With rubber lining wall inner the the granulating drum, materials are not easy to stick on it. That’s also our innovative design, which can greatly improve granulating rate and reduce materials waste.

Rotary Drum Fertilizer Granulating Machine
fertilizer granulator adopts double roller design

Double roller granulator is a kind of dry granulating pelletizer. Unlike agglomeration granulating, it make fertilizer pellets by the extruding between two roller sheet. The final pellets have high hardness, because of low moisture content, they don’t need to dry or cool. In addition, we can make roller sheets with different ball socket so that you can get fertilizer granules of different shapes, and their size can be adjusted with diameter of 4-8mm.

How about the other kinds of fertilizer pelletizing machine?

Cooling and drying of npk compound fertilizer pellets:

Cooling and drying is a good way to reduce fertilizer granules moisture and temperature, and it’s suitable for wet fertilizer producing plant.

If you choose rotating npk fertilizer granulating machine, after granulating, the fertilizer pellets will be fed into rotary drying machine. Inner the machine, there are many lifting boards. When drying granules, the drum rotating at a even speed. Inner if, the lifting boards can lift the fertilizer pellets continuously. Then the granules falling and rolling with gravity. During this process, fertilizer granules can get full contact with hot air, the water also evaporates very well. After that, the fertilizer conveyor can transport the granules into fertilizer cooling equipment. With strong cold air, the high temperature pellets can be cooled easily.

How to choose suitable fertilizer drying and cooling machine?

Coating and polishing:

Coating and polishing can make the final fertilizer granules more uniform and beautiful. Polishing machine is suitable for the granules produced by extruding granulators. These granules have high hardness, and will not easy to break because of mechanical action. Coating machine is more suitable for round fertilizer balls, which can improve their hardness and density, make the fertilizer granules more stable. You can also add some functional bacteria to improve the fertilizers nutrition content.

What are the differences between coating machine and polishing machine?

Blending NPK Fertilizer Making Factory

Producing blending fertilizer is also a very economical npk fertilizer production line. You can just mix different fertilizer materials together. As for the whole process, we have complete layout:

NPK fertilizer blending plant line

How about the price of making npk blending fertilizer?

Dynamic automatic fertilizer batching machine:

Making blending npk fertilizer, the proportion is very important. Our dynamic fertilizer batching machine has high precision weighing system and full automatic control center. It can batch fertilizer materials strictly based on your proportion requirement. With three fertilizer buffer bins, this machine can complete continuous batching, greatly improve the efficiency of whole fertilizer making plant.

loading of fertilizer batching machine
Granles Mixing Machine in Bulk blending fertilizer production line

BB fertilizer mixing equipment:

Process after batching is the mixing of fertilizer materials. Considering the particularity of making bulk blending fertilizer, we designed BB fertilizer mixing equipment. It overcomes the chromatography or shunt caused by uneven mixing because of different density fertilizer granules. Moreover, the performance and efficiency of the machine is much higher than the traditional ones.

How about the profit of this kind of npk fertilizer production line?

Customized npk Fertilizer Production Line

If you don’t want the above three plans, we can also customize special npk fertilizer production line for you. No matter you want a large or small capacity plant; adopts wet or dry granulating process, we can also make the most efficient plan for you.

Customized Fertilizer Production Line Details

After you get the machines, we can provide you install, operate and maintain guidance. If you want on-site guidance, we can also arrange the technician to your fertilizer making site and leave until the machine can work smoothly for you.

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