Compost windrow turner refers to the equipment which can compost organic fertilizer materials piles. It can improve porosity and oxygen content, mix in or remove moisture, and redistribute cooler and hotter portions of the fertilizer windrows. Unlike other kinds of compost turners, compost windrow turner doesn’t need you to build the ferment groove. When composting, you just need to put the organic fertilizer materials into windrows on flat spaces, that saves you a lot of cost on building ferment grooves. The high working flexibility of compost windrow turner also is the reason why we recommend it to you.

What equipment is needed to compost windrow fertilizer materials?

Because of open windrow composting, the compost turner must have high flexibility. For this reason, we design moving type compost windrow turner. And there are two types of it: 4 wheels moving compost windrow turning machine and crawler type windrow composting machine.

This type of compost turner adopts 4-wheel design, which can move forward, backward and turn around. When working, an operator need to drive it. And you need to pile up the fertilizer materials into windrows, then the moving compost turner bestriding above it. After that, the base fertilizer materials will be composted, fluffy, piled secondary. When the turner passed, the base materials became new windrow.
4 wheels moving type compost turner is the most economical turning machine in ShunXin. It can work in outdoor factories and indoor workshops.

4-wheel type windrow compost turner
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Crawler type windrow composting machine

Crawler composting machine is the improvement of wheels moving type compost turning machine. More points of strength on the crawler makes the machine working more stable and not easy to skid. The working part of this machine is a horizontal drum with stirring teeth. Like wheels moving type compost windrow turner, it can compost the fertilizer windrow into new piles by the various steps. In the process of composting, the turning machine can shatter, crush and reduce the moisture content of materials.

crawler type windrow compost turning machine
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What’s the difference of moving type compost turner and crawler composting machine?

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Design of our compost windrow turning machines.

Our compost windrow turners have always been improved. Compared to the traditional moving type compost turners, our new designed fertilizer composting turners have larger capacity and consumes lower power.

Spray system

We equip spray system with the composting machines. Because of the aerobic ferment method the machines adopts, the temperature of fertilizer materials will be greatly improved. So, the water will evaporate very quickly. To ensure the efficiency of composting, it’s necessary to add waters to the materials. So, we design spray device for these machines. When composting, if the materials are too dry, you can turn on the sprayer, that will make your composting procedure much smoother.

Crushing function

The biggest technological breakthrough of these machines is the crushing function after the fermentation of materials. With the dewatering of the fertilizer raw materials, the cutter shaft which equips with crushing device can effectively break the fertilizer blocks formed in the fermentation process of fertilizer. That not only saves your cost of crushing machine, but also improves the efficiency of crushing, reduces the cost of composting.

efficient parts of SX compost turning equipment
spray system in our crawler composting turner
composting teeth of ShunXin compost windrow turner

How important these new designs are? And how does they work?

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What problems can be solved by composting fertilizer windrows?

The fermentation of objects usually carries out in hot and humid environment. If you make organic fertilizer materials windrows and let them ferment naturally, it will take a long time and cause many troubles. To solve these problems, using compost windrow turner can be helpful.

procedures of composting windrow organic fertilizer

Smells and flies

Hot and humid environment not only has great benefits to the fermenting of fertilizer materials, but also is good to the growth of flies and production of bad smells. The longer organic fertilizer materials take to ferment, the more serious these problems will be. It will cause environment pollution and also affect your fertilizer making efficiency.
By using compost windrow turner machine, you can finish the whole ferment process in 7-15 days. In the process of compost, because of the high-speed rotating of composting teeth, the contact between fertilizer materials and air can increase well. That can help the volatilization of smells. After composting, the new fertilizer windrow has more fluffy structure and better air permeability, the flies don’t have suitable environment to multiply any more.

Why it’s important to pay attention to these problemt?

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Pest eggs

The main materials of organic fertilizer always are animal wastes. There may remain many parasite eggs. If they can’t get well treatment, the quality of final fertilizer may be not well.
As mentioned above, composting the materials will produce lots of heat, improve the temperature of fertilizer materials. Plus the aeration condition, the composting of fertilizer windrows can greatly destroy the pest eggs in materials and improve the purity of final organic fertilizers.

crawler type composting machine delivery
moving type compost turner delivery

Matters needing attention in windrow composting

  • The working site must be smooth and firm, and there should be no concave and convex surface greater than 50mm in the working area. Smooth and firm working site can reduce the wear and tear of machines. The working process can be more efficient.
  • Demands of fertilizer windrows: the width can’t be too large, you can increase the height within 100mm, and the length is also adjustable according to your working place.
  • For the machines can turn around freely and working smoothly, you need to remain an empty field of more then 10 meters around the ends of the material windrows. And the distance between the material windrows should be more than 1 meters.
  • These machines are just for composting fertilizer windrows, they can be used as walking vehicle and load-carrying vehicle.

Composting is a pretty important step of making organic fertilizer, choosing right way for materials fermenting and suitable equipment is the key to make quality fertilizer products and profits. ShunXin will help you all the time, just contact us and get the quote.

    If you have any interest or need of our product, just feel free to send inquiry to us!

    Notes: for a better and efficient quotation, if your raw materials are animal manures, minimum processing capacity shall meet 10 ton per day, and the animal farm scale should as follows:

    • Chicken farm:  ≥200,000 chicken
    • Cow Farm: ≥500 cows
    • Pig Farm:≥1000 pigs

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