Pig manure has rich organic nutrients, it always be used as the raw material when making organic fertilizers. For pig farm owners, the process of making pig manure into organic fertilizer can perfectly solve the problem of disposing large quantity pig wastes. And it also reduces environmental pollution. So how to dispose pig waste properly? What things need to be noticed when making pig manure organic fertilizer? As a professional fertilizer machine supplier, SX will provide you economical pig farm waste management plans.

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How about the price of a pig manure disposal plan?

Why pig waste can’t be used as fertilizer directly?

At first, there are coliform, nematodes and some pests in pig feces. Direct use will lead to the spread of diseases and pests, crop disease, and also affect the health of people who eat agricultural products. Secondly, untreated pig manure contains a large amount of undigested organic matter, which can not be directly absorbed by crops and will cause “secondary fermentation”. When the substrate is small and the resistance is weak, the heat produced by fermentation will affect the growth, cause root and seedling burning, and even plant death. Thirdly, most of the fresh pig manure contains many macro molecular organic matters, which can not be directly absorbed and utilized by crops. So the plan of pig farm waste management is very necessary.

How about the nutrient content of pig manures?

Small pig farms: simple pig waste management project

For small pig farm owners, the simplest way to dispose pig manures is naturally fermenting. But as we know, pig manure has high moisture content, the fermenting process may take long time. To solve this problem, you can add some high fiber auxiliary materials to the fresh pig wastes. Such as sawdust, powdery straw and peanut shells. These materials have great water-absorbing quality, they can absorb extra water in manures and accelerate the fermenting of pig manure. At this process, you can also add some chicken manure to adjust the C/N ratio of pig manure, which can make the pig manure more efficient.

To make even fermenting, using small size auxiliary materials particles is also very important, so how to make the region auxiliary plants into small particles? We recommend you the straw crushing machine. It’s the specific machine used for crushing plants. With reasonable design, it can crush plants into small particles. Except for working in fertilizer making factories, it’s also suitable for many other industries.

How about the capacity and price of straw crusher?

3 environmentally friendly methods of pig farm waste management

Simple pig manure management plan is the most economical way to dispose pig farm wastes. If you want to make fine management for pig manure, we also have another three methods can be your choice.

Dewatering and Composting

Now many farms have solid-liquid separation machine for pig manure. You can use it to separate pig manure from liquid to keep the moisture content at about 45%. Then choosing an organic fertilizer composting machine to make the pig manure get better fermenting. This pig farm waste management way is also can be regarded as the improvement of the above plan.

Manure Dewatering machine
Crawler Type Organic Fertilizer Compost Turner

With fertilizer turning machine, the pig manure will get continuous mixing and crushing. During this process, pig manures can will contact more oxygen and release a lot of heat, which is known as aerobic composting. The high temperature produced by composting can effectively kill the parasite eggs and disease bacteria in pig manure, and prevent the harm to crops. Because the pig manure is fully decomposed after composting, it will not ferment secondary. And the crops won’t be burnt anymore. The composting process also decomposes the macro molecular organic matters into inorganic salts and minerals that can be directly used by crops. The new generated bacterial metabolites enrich the organic nutrition. In addition, after composting, the bad smell of pig manures can be totally eliminated, the air pollution won’t exist anymore.

How to improve the efficiency when compost pig manures?

Granular pig manure fertilizer production line

Making fertilizer granules is always the first choice for most organic fertilizer manufactures. Granular fertilizers have more stable structure and fertility. When fertilizer, they are also easier to use, the waste is also very little. So how to make pig manure fertilizer pellets with low cost?

Small capacity: 1-2t/h flat die pig manure pelletizer

1-2t/h flat die granulator is suitable for small size organic fertilizer granulating plants. Because of dry granulating process, you don’t need to dry the final fertilizer granules, which saves you a lot of money and energy. When granulating, the roller sheet and granulating mold can extrude fertilizer materials into cylindrical pellets. Then the automatic cut device can cut the pellets into small size.
With small capacity, this machine is very economical. Its granulating rate can reach to 97%, and the fertilizer granules have excellent structure and hardness.

What if I want to make large quantity fertilizer pellets by flat die granulator?

Medium capacity: 6-8t/h disk type pig dung granulator

For medium pig farms, the disk fertilizer granulator is very appropriate. With open rotating pan design, our disk granulator makes fertilizer balls continuously. So the granulating process is very efficient. And 6-8t/h model is suitable for all kinds of medium fertilizer making plants.

When granulating, you can get different size fertilizer particles by adjusting the tilt angle of granulating disc. Large tilt angle makes the materials granulating short time, so the final granules are small size. On the contrary, small tilt angle makes the materials granulating long time, so you will get large fertilizer pellets.

Click to get more information about disk pan granulator.

Large capacity:20t/h rotary drum pig waste granulating machine

If you own large quantity pigs, you can choose our large rotary drum fertilizer granulator. As a typical wet granulating machine, it can granulate all kinds of wet organic and compound fertilizers. After granulating, you can use fertilizer drying machine to reduce fertilizer granules moisture content.
With full automatic structure, drum granulator doesn’t cost manpower to operate. To improve its granulating rate and efficiency, we use rubber lining wall instead of the traditional scrap knife, which can greatly reduce damage from scraper and fertilizer sticking on the inner wall. Except for pig manure granulating, our rotary drum pelletizer is also very excellent in compound fertilizer making factories.

How to adjust the particle size of pellets produced by rotating granulator?

Blending organic fertilizer making

Blending fertilizer production refers to mix different fertilizers together. Pig manures have high organic nutrient contents, but the C/N ratio is about 14:1, which is very unbalanced. But chicken manure has relatively even fertilizer elements, it can greatly make up for the shortage of pig manures.

NPK fertilizer blending plant line

To make pig manure blending fertilizer, you can mix the composted chicken manure and pig manure in suitable proportion. Then granulating the mixed materials into pellets. This plan is similar to a common organic fertilizer granulating line.

If you have low budget, you can choose the simpler way: mix chicken manure pellets with pig manure granules. Choosing this way, you just need to buy a bulk blending fertilizer mixer to mix the granules evenly. It’s really the most economical way to get blending pig manure fertilizers.

As a professional fertilizer equipment seller, all of the above pig farm waste management ways are designed by our experienced designer. But if you don’t get the ideal pig manure fertilizer making plan, we can also customize the most efficient layout and equipment for you.

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