Fertilizer packing machine is the equipment which can package compost fertilizer, powder fertilizer and granular fertilizer into bags. It can greatly improve the convenience of storing and transporting of fertilizers.
As an auxiliary machine, it takes an irreplaceable part in fertilizer production line. Next you will get a deeper learning of ShunXin professional fertilizer packing machines.

ShunXin Fertilizer Packing Machine

How to choose suitable packing machine based on different fertilizer products? 

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How many kinds of packing machines did we design?

Our fertilizer packing machine has great adaptability in the whole fertilizer making line. No mattter you want use it in your organic fertilizer manufacturing plant or compound fertilizer factory, it can work well. It is not only suitable for packaging the final fertilizer granules, but also can be used after the compost process. We design three kinds of fertilizer packing machine for these different bagging needs you may have:

ton bags packing machine in ShunXin
powder fertilizer bagging equipment
packing machine for fertilizer granules

1. Packing machine for compost fertilizer

This kind of bagging equipment mainly can pack compost fertilizers into ton bags. After your fertilizer materials being composted by turning machines, you can use this equipment to pack the composting fertilizer. It can make the storage and transportation of composting fertilizer more convenient, which can also make sure your high profits from selling fertilizers.

2.Bagging machine used for powder fertilizer

As its name suggested, the powder fertilizer bagging machine can package powder fertilizer in 50kg bags. As we know, powdery matter is very easy to fly apart, and the powder fertilizer is not exceptional. Considering this, we adopt totally-enclosed design, the powder fertilizers won’t fly out anymore. That greatly reduces the dust pollution and the waste of fertilizer.

3.Fertilizer granules packing equipment

For packing fertilizer granules, you can choose this kind of bagging equipment. It’s the best-selling packing machine in our factory. It’s not only because of most fertilizer sellers make fertilizer into pellets, but also because its high automatic degree. So you can connect It with fertilizer granulators. After that, you can pack the final fertilizer products directly.

What are the detailed differences between these packing machines?

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How to operate the fertilizer packing machine?

1. The operator needs to turn on the power supply and air source switch. Then presses the “Start” button, puts the bag holder into the packaging bag.
2. After turning on the travel switch, the bag holder will clamp the bag tightly. If the machine sends the feeding signal, the fertilizer can be fed in; if not, the operator needs to waiting for feeding signal.
3. Without the operator’s control, the feeding system can aut omatically start feeding fertilizers into the packing machine. Through the discharge hole, the fertilizers can be packaged into bags. Like the previous step, this procedure also don’t need person to operate. The weighing system operates automatically to weigh the fertilizer being packaged.

bucket elevator equipment delivery
delivery of packing machine

4. After reaching the set weight, the bag holder will open automatically and the bag will be fell on the conveyor.
5. When the fertilizer bag moving to the sewing machine mouth by the conveyor, the operator will straighten the bag mouth into the sewing machine mouth and step on the foot switch.
6. After stitching the package mouth, the machine automatically breaks the thread and a working cycle ends. The operator puts the bag holder into next packaging bag, the next working cycle starts.

How to select the suitable packing machine?

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Benefits of our fertilizer packing machines.

Many ways of discharging. That can fundamentally solve the production problems such as sticking materials and blockage caused by large angle of repose.
Customizable equipment. For meeting your different needs of fertilizer packing, we can customize the equipment according to your requirements.
Totally-enclosed design. As mentioned above, it will not cause dust spill and other pollution problems, that greatly reduces the waste of fertilizer and improve the efficiency of packing.
Fully automatic packaging. With high degree of automatic, our fertilizer packing machine don’t need too much manpower, that can save you a lot of cost on time and labor.

Ton Fertilizer Bagging Machine
working process of granular fertilizer packing equipment

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