Solid-liquid separator machine is the equipment which can separate the liquid out from organic fertilizer raw materials. It can reduce manures moisture content easily, which is really helpful to the fertilizer making process. In ShunXin, we designed two kinds of solid-liquid separating equipment: screw extrusion type and inclined sieve type. They can be used in different capacity organic fertilizer making factories.

Two high performance solid-liquid separator machines in ShunXin.

The main dewatering techniques for high moisture content materials we use are screw extruding and sieving. We design two kinds of separating equipment adopt the above two techniques. More details are as follows.

  • The screw extrusion type

This kind of solid-liquid separating machine working mainly by screwing and extruding:
The high moisture content fertilizer raw materials are fed in the machine, and the raw materials move forward under the push of the spiral shaft blade. Then the solid fertilizer will fall down by the vibration motor. With the extrusion of screw filters, the liquid can be separated from raw materials perfectly. While the solid fertilizer will gradually reduce under the action of continuous compression, and finally discharge out of the machine under the action of spiral transport.

  • The inclined sieve type

The inclined sieve solid-liquid separator machine mainly consists of a motor, cutting type hydraulic pump, control cabinet, and pipes. When it working, the fertilizer raw materials distribute on the inclined screen evenly. With the vibrating of the sieve, the solid material will be intercepted by the little clearances on the screen surface, and the filtered water will flow out from the gap of the sieve plate. At last, under the oblique action, the solid fertilizer flow to the lower end of the sieve plate and discharge, so as to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid fertilizer separation.

inclined sieve liquid-solid separating equipment

How does the screw extrusion type dewater machine work?

With these characteristics, our solid-liquid separating equipment can work more efficiently for you.

ShunXin, has more than 15 year business qualification. We always strive to produce better fertilizer equipment. To make more excellent solid-liquid separating machine, we make many innovations:

  1. Using copper motors. These two machines are all equipped with copper motors, that can provide more power, making the machine run more stably, and greatly improve the efficiency and service life of the machine.
  2. Adopting high quality inclined sieve. The inclined sieve is stainless steel. It has  brilliant rapid solid-liquid separation with strong processing power. And we can customize according to your needs for your custom mesh size.
  3. Spring-style discharge port. The discharge port we used is spring style. It doesn’t need to adjust before working, you just need to connect it to power supplies. Meanwhile, the discharge speed is very fast with suitable moisture raw materials.
  4. Conveying fertilizer by screw extruding. After the separating of solid and liquid, the fertilizer will be extruded secondarily by the spiral shaft blade. As a result, the moisture content can be reduced into more suitable value.
the making inclined sieve separating machine
screw shaft of ShunXin screw extrusion solid-liquid separator machine
electric control cabinet of our solid-liquid separator equipment

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