To realize mass organic fertilizer production, setting up an organic fertilizer manufacturing plant is very necessary. But you need to consider many aspects for starting an organic fertilizer making plant: the detailed layout, the cost of manpower and energy, materials, capacity, machines and process. As a professional fertilizer equipment supplier, we can provide you the most economical and all-sided suggestions. Choosing our organic fertilizer production line and relevant equipment, you will get great profits from disposing organic waste.

What machines do you need to set up an organic fertilizer manufacturing plant?

Setting a fertilizer making plant needs many different machines. A complete organic fertilizer manufacturing project concludes 8 steps: dehydrating, crushing, mixing, composting, granulating, cooling, drying and packaging. As for their corresponding machines, you also have many choices:

screw extrusion type solid-liquid separator machine
1.Solid-liquid separator machine:

This kind of equipment is also called organic manure dewatering machine. It can separate redundant liquid from all kinds of high moisture content organic fertilizer materials. After dewatering, the materials moisture can reduce to about 30%. With this machine, the fertilizer making process can be more efficient. Moreover, you can also make the separated liquid into fertilizer, which greatly improves the utilization rate of fertilizer material.

2.Crushing machines:

Fertilizer crushing machine can make block fertilizer materials into uniform particles or powders, it’s a very important machine in organic fertilizer manufacturing plant. For different fertilizer materials, we designed 6 models of this machine. No matter you want to make organic fertilizer or produce compound fertilizer, they can work efficiently for you.

ShunXin vertical fertilizer crushing machine
large scale wheel type compost turning machine
3. Compost turners:

Compost turner is the machine use for turning organic fertilizer materials, especially for liverstock manures & animal wastes. After composting, the purity of fertilizer materials would be greatly improved, and the quality of final organic fertilizer also depends on this process.

4.Organic fertilizer granulator:

Granulating equipment is the machine which can make irregular fertilizer materials into uniform balls or pellets. In a complete organic fertilizer manufacturing plant, it’s the necessary machine. For different materials or your requirements of the final organic fertilizer granules, we designed 7 kinds of granulating machines. They would be greatly helpful to your organic fertilizer making plan.

the overview of ShunXin rotating drum granulating machine

Adopt wet and dry granulation method, we have 7 types of granulating machine, contact us and choose your ideal one.

5.Drying and cooling machine:

After granulating, drying and cooling process can reduce fertilizer granules temperature and moisture content. That greatly reduce fertilizer granules caking and nutrient loss. It’s also an efficient way to make the fertilizer granules get more stable structure and fertility.

ShunXin rotary drum drying machine
6.Automatic packing scales:

as the last procedure of the whole organic fertilizer making plant, packing of final fertilizer is also very important. Good package can make it much more easily to transport and store the fertilizer products. Compared to unpacked fertilizer, people are more wiling to buy the packed ones because of their convenience.

powder fertilizer bagging equipment
packing machine for fertilizer granules

Of course, you may just need one or several machines among them, or you just have a small organic fertilizer manufacturing plant, we can also provide you the relevant plans.

Three kinds of fertilizer bagging machine in ShunXin have their own characteristics.

Different scale organic fertilizer plant business plans.

According to different requirements of making organic fertilizer, we design 3 different organic fertilizer manufacturing plant layouts for you. You will get more information from these plans.

Plan of 1-2t/h organic fertilizer production plant:

1-2t/h scale organic fertilizer making plan is suitable for small size fertilizer producing factories. You can get powder fertilizer from this plan. Considering that you may have small amount of fertilizer materials, we recommend you the moving type compost turner, horizontal mixing machine, rotating drum drying machine and packing machine for organic fertilizer producing.

Planning for making organic fertilizer 5-10t/h:

This layout is designed for medium scale organic fertilizer factory. With capacity of 5-10t/h, the main machines conclude solid-liquid separator equipment, manure fermentation pot, fertilizer batching machine, disk granulating equipment, belt conveyor and packaging equipment. Choosing this plan for your medium scale organic fertilizer manufacturing plant, you will get high quality fertilizer granules and wonderful profits with low cost.

Organic or Compond Fertilizer Disc Granulation Production Line

15-20t/h organic fertilizer making plan:

As large scale organic fertilizer manufacturing plant, this plan can produce 15-20t fertilizers per hour. It also contains most fertilizer making machines: solid-liquid separator machine, vertical crushing machine, loader type feeder, rotary screening machine, rotary drum granulation equipment, polishing machine, conveying equipment and ton packing machine.

With these high performance machines and our reasonable layout, this plan is the first choice of most large scale organic fertilizer factory owners.

Disc Pan Fertilizer Granualtion Plant

We can also customize the complete plan according to your fertilizer materials and capacity.

3 methods to make organic fertilizer.

If you are a fresh man in making organic fertilizers, you may wonder how to make organic fertilizer economically and efficiently. As a professional fertilizer making equipment supplier, we have theree different ways of making organic fertilizers, from these different organic fertilizer making methods, you would find out the most suitable way.

Organic fertilizer composting method

This method is suitable for low budget organic fertilizer manufacturing plant. You just need to make materials into windrows or build ferment grooves. Then choosing the matched compost turning machine to dispose the fertilizer material. By composting, the fertilizer materials will get great treatment, their nutrient content can be greatly improved.
This is the most simply way to make organic fertilizer, it’s also the most economical way. If you want to sell them more easily, you can also choose a packing machine to pack them with bags.

Method of fermenting organic fertilizer in vessel equipment

Using fertilizer fermentation tank is a fast way to make organic fertilizer. Our fermentation tank can complete harmless treatment process in 10 hours. With sealed design, the fertilizer materials can ferment efficiently in the tank. Especially for animal manure, such as compost chicken manure, the fermentation tank can destroy pest eggs and plant weeds. As for some manure which have uneven nutrition, you can add some auxiliary fertilizer elements to balance the nutrients content.

Organic fertilizer granulation method

Making organic fertilizer by granulating machines, you will get quality organic fertilizer pellets. The granulated organic fertilizer has more beautiful appearance and better structure. And they are much easier to transport and store. That makes your organic fertilizer has higher competitiveness than other organic fertilizer forms.
What’s more, this kind of fertilizer making method is not in conflict with the above two. You can choose to make the composted fertilizer into granules. That’s the further disposal, but also can bring you high economical profits.

Why do we suggest that you start your own organic fertilizer factory?

If you own a scaled plant farm, such as vegetables, flowers, trees or other cash crops, you must need a lot of organic fertilizer. But people always buy organic fertilizer for small need, because the cost of buying large quantity organic fertilizers is too high. So setting your own organic fertilizer manufacturing plant may be the best choice.
At first, you need to buy organic waste from some poultry farms or industries for making organic fertilizer by yourself. Then choosing suitable organic fertilizer production machines. As an experienced fertilizer machine supplier, we can provide you the most qualityequipment with the most reasonable price. Using them, you can get high quality organic fertilizer by yourself with low cost. You can also sell the final fertilizers, that’s really a good way to make more profits.

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