Compound fertilizer refers to the chemical fertilizer which contains several kinds of fertilizer nutrients. It’s a kind of fertilizer widely used for plants growth. Making compound fertilizer also becomes a popular project recently years. But how to get high profits from compound fertilizer production line? And what things you need to do for making complex fertilizer? There are some helpful suggestions for you.

  • Why we need complex fertilizers instead of simple ones?

As mentioned above, compound fertilizer contains different fertilizer nutrients. Taking npk compound fertilizer as an example, it consists of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. They basically correspond to the leaves, roots and stems of plants. If you just need one of fertilizer elements, you just need to fertilize it to your plants. But what if you want to use different fertilizers for plants? Obviously, it will take lots of time and energy to use different fertilizers each time, and the final result may not be very good.

To solve this problem, compound fertilizer production line is designed. With high performance fertilizer making equipment, you can make efficient complex fertilizer products with different fertilizer nutrients. And you can adjust the proportions of fertilizer elements according to the soil conditions and your plants growth state. With reasonable proportion formula, you will get more efficient compound fertillizers.

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  • What is the process of manufacturing complex fertilizers?

A professional compound fertilizer production line has complete machines and advanced technology. Choosing SX compound fertilizer factory design, you can get wonderful profits.


Before making compound fertilizer, the materials always need be powder forms. Powdery materials can make sure the batching and mixing process run smoothly, so the crushing of raw materials is the basis of making quality compound fertilizer. As a suggestion, our cage crusher and chain crusher can greatly meet your need.

cage crusher

How to choose suitable crushing machine based on different fertilizer materials?


The key to make quality compound fertilizer is the proportion of each fertilizer nutrient. So the batching must have high refinement. In Shunxin, we design two kinds of fertilizer batching machine: static batching machine and dynamic automatic batching system. With electric belt scale and nuclear scale, they can realize high precision batching. High automatic degree also saves you a lot of energy.

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After batching, mixing the powdery materials evenly is also an important process to improve the quality of final fertilizer products. There are many fertilizer mixing machines in Shunxin, making compound fertilizer, single shaft mixer and double shafts horizontal mixer can work efficiently.

Single Shaft Mixing Machine
Double Shafts fertilizer crushing machine


If you want powdery compound fertilizer, the above processes can be enough. But in fact, powdery fertilizer may be easy to fly away and not easy to use. So turn the powdery complex fertilizer into granules is a very wise choice. As for the compound fertilizer granulating equipment in SX, you can choose rotating type granulators: two-in-one fertilizer granulating machine or extruding granulators: flat die granulator and double roller granulator. Whether which one you choose, we can assure that you will get great using experience.

How to select the suitable compound fertilizer granulating machine?


For commercial compound fertilizer factory, screening machine can help you grade the granules. Quality pellets can be sold directly, unqualified ones can be granulated again or you can use them for your own plants. By this way, the utilization rate of compound fertilizer materials greatly improves and you will get high profits.

Rotary Screening Machine for Sale
single bucket automatic packing scale


Packing is the last step of a whole compound fertilizer production line. Like screening, it’s not the necessary process, it always is needed in commercial complex fertilizer making plant. But if you want to make it easier to store your self use fertilizer, a fertilizer package machine will be helpful.

If you want to text the machine, just post us your fertilizer materials.

  • Efficient layouts of compound fertilizer production line for sale

As a professional fertilizer equipment supplier, we always provide our customer detailed layout of fertilizer plant for free. Here are some of our hot-sale compound fertilizer production lines. If you want to customize the plant, please contact us and we will make the most reasonable plan for you.

How to select the suitable layout for your complex fertilizer making plant?

1. Small capacity powdery compound fertilizer production line

For small capacity, we recommend you the powdery compound fertilizer making line. The main machines are crushing machine, batching machine and mixing machine. With simple but efficient process, this plant can produce 3-5 tons compound fertilizer per hour. Without complicated steps, you can get quality compound fertilizer powders with low cost of money and time. Moreover, if you prefer granular fertilizer, we can also equip a powder fertilizer granulator for the plan.

3D design of making powder fertilizer

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10-15 t/h NPK compound fertilizer factory

This plan is suitable for medium size npk fertilizer granules making factory. With 6 double roller granulators in this plan, the fertilizer materials will be granulated by extruding. That means you don’t have to dry the final pellets, which can save you a lot of cost. After granulating, rotary screener can grade the qualified pellets and unqualified ones. You can pack the qualified ones by fertilizer bagging equipment. And the unqualified granules can be conveyed back to disk mixing machine and granulated again.

10 to15 ton NPK fertilizer production line

Except for npk fertilizer, this plan is also suitable for manufacturing other fertilizer materials, such as limestone, sulphur, urea and so on. If you don’t know how to produce other kinds of compound fertilizer, we can provide you technical guidance.

How to get higher profits from making compound fertilizer with SX Machinery?

Large scale compound fertilizer plant

The last one is suitable for making large capacity compound fertilizer. Adopts wet granulating method, this layout can make high quality compound fertilizer balls. Considering large compound fertilizer plant is always for commercial need, we designed complete process for this plan. With drying machine, cooling machine and fertilizer coating machine, the quality, appearance and competitiveness of your compound fertilizer granules can be greatly improved.
The capacity of this layout is about 30-50 tons per day. If you want larger capacity, we can adjust the whole design according to your requirements. Or even customize the layout for you.

compound fertilizer producing factory

In addition, all the layouts of compound fertilizer production line can be designed for free. All the machines we provide you are factory price, you can also get one-stop service.

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