Powder granulator machine refers to the equipment which can make powdery fertilizer into granules. Fertilizer granules have many benefits than powder forms, such as more steady fertility, much easier to store and transport. To turn podwery fertilizer into granules easily, you can choose a fertilizer granulating machine. As a reliable fertilizer machine supplier, we have different kinds of powder fertilizer granulator machine. Next, you will get more detailed information about them.

comparision between powder fertilizer and granular fertilizer

Reasons for making powder fertilizer into granules.

It’s very easy to know that powdery matter always fly away easily. Of course the powder fertilizer in not exceptional. That causing troubles in loading and unloading during transportation. When fertilizing, the powder fertilizer is easy to fly away with the airflow. That not only is harmful to workers’ health, but also will cause air pollution. And the particle size of powdery fertilizer is below 0.1mm, they are very easy to absorb moisture and bond together, that will reduce your profits. By contrast, the benefits of granulating powder fertilizer into pellets are very obvious.

Because of the mixing, granulating, balling, and densification during granulation, the powder fertilizer will be fertilizer balls with the hardness of 15-20N, their particle sizes are between 0.1mm and 20mm. They are much easier to store and transport than powder fertilizer. Moreover, with fine hardness, the fertilizer pellets have more compact structure. Not easy to be broken greatly reduces the possibility of air pollution.
Furthermore, powder fertilizer has very little weight and small size. They are easy to stick on the crops leaves or roots and dissolve rapidly, causing plants grow slowly. But after being granulated by powder granulator machine, the final granules can attach to the soil precisely and dissolve at more suitable speed than powder fertilizer.

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How to convert organic fertilizer powder form into pellet form?

There are two main methods to convert organic fertilizer powder form into pellet form: powder fertilizer granulating method with rotating, and extrusion granulation method. In ShunXin, we have 5 hot-sale powder granulator machines adopt the above two methods. Next, you will get more information of them.

  • Powder fertilizer granulating process with rotating

As its name mentioned, fertilizer pellets made with this method mainly by the rotating of granulating parts. When granulating, the powder fertilizer with moisture in 20%-40% will be fed in the granulators. Then they would rolling to balls with the high speed rotating of granulating parts. Because of the suitable moisture of powder raw material, they can bond together quickly. That will greatly improve granulating efficiency, bring you more economical profits. SX, a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, we design three high-performance fertilizer granulating machines adopt powder fertilizer method with rotating: drum granulating machine for pelleting powder fertilizer, two-in-one powder granulator machine, disc pelletizing equipment used in granulating powder fertilizer.

If I don’t have experience on making fertilizer, how can I choose suitable fertilizer granulating machine?

1. Drum granulating machine for pelleting powder fertilizer

The main part of drum granulator is a large horizontal drum with open-ended. When granulating, the drum rotating with an adjustable speed. Inside the drum, powder fertilizer rolling and balling with the inertia of drum. If you want to adjust the size of granules, you just need to adjust the speed of rotor.

Wet Rotary Drum Granulator For Sale

As for capacity, our rotating drum powder fertilizer granulator can granulate 30 tons fertilizer per hour at most. It’s very appropriate for large scale powder fertilizer granulating industry. The special open design of its ends we made can perfectly meet your need of continuous granulating: feeding and granulating can carry out at the same time. That will improve the granulating capacity and efficiency.

How does rotary drum granulator work?

rotary drum granulator delivery

2. Two-in-one powder granulator machine

Two-in-one granulator is also known as rotary drum churning granulator. It’s the combination of rotary drum granulator and stirring tooth pelletizer. When working like rotary drum powder granulator machine, its drum rotating steadily. And inside the drum, there are many stirring teeth rotating with the drum simultaneously. Its capacity is smaller than drum granulator and is suitable for medium scale powder fertilizer granulating plant.

Because of the special granulating method, the granules are rounder and more beautiful. Besides this, its efficiency is much higher, the granulating rate even can reach to 98%. Choosing this powder granulator machine for your medium scale fertilizer making plant is a really wise decision.

Which granulating machine is suitable for my fertilizer making factory?

3. Disk pelleting machine used in granulating powder fertilizer

Unlike the above granulators, the rotating part of pan granulating machine is an open pelleting disc. Powder fertilizer were fed into the disk and rolling to balls with the rotating of the disc. It can granulate fertilizer balls with different diameter in 2-6mm. For making different particle balls, you just need to adjust the speed of rotation axis.

Scraper System of SX Disk Granulator
Pan Type Fertilizer Pelletizing Machine

Its most difference with the above two granulators is that you can observe the granulation process intuitively. When granulating, if you find that the moisture content of powder fertilizer is losing and is hard to granulate, you can use our equipped spray system, this system can spray water to the materials evenly, which makes granulating process more efficient. What’s more, the granulating rate of disk powder granulator machine is higher than 93%, it’s really an ideal machine when making organic fertilizer pellets.

What’s the price of different granulating equipment?

  • Extrusion granulation process

It is a technique in which the solid materials are aggregated together by the pressure applying from dry granulation equipment. We have two types of powder granulator machine adopts this method: double roller pelletizer and flat die granulator. These two kinds of granulator are suitable for granulating powder fertilizer with moisture about 10%.

1.Double roller powder granulating machine

The main granulating part of double roller granulator are two extrusion rollers. When working, dry powder materials are added from the feeding port. Under the action of great extrusion pressure on the rollers, the powder fertilizer will be produced into predetermined shapes. And the extrusion pressure can be adjusted by the pressure of hydraulic cylinder according to the need of granulation. By this way, you can get granules with ideal size and hardness.

Flat Die Granulator

2. Flat die granulator for granulating powder fertilizer

Although flat die granulator uses the same granulation method, there are some differences between them. At first, when flat die powder granulator machine working, the press roller rotating with the spindle. And they can drive the material between the roller and die to rotate due to extrusion friction. In this way, materials will be extruded by friction and forms pellets in the die hole.

Another difference is that the fertilizer granules produced by flat die powder pelleting equipment is columnar. As for the diameter, you can choose from 4-8mm.
The most benefit of these two kinds of fertilizer granulating equipment is that they adopt dry granulating process, which means the fertilizer granules don’t need to dry or cool after granulating. That will save you a lot of time and power, bring you higher economic profits.

What things need to be noticed when you using thses two granulators?

Which powders can be granulated by our pelleting equipment?

  • Manure Powders for Organic Fertilizer Granulation

Our powder granulator machines basically can be used for granulating all kinds of organic powder fertilizer material. Such as poultry manures, livestock waste, mushroom, sludge from sugar plant, etc. Making organic powder materials into granules, especially for manure, you need to compost the organic materials at first. Then crush the composting fertilizers into uniform particle size. After that, choosing suitable granulating machine to convert them into granules.

Organic or Compond Fertilizer Disc Granulation Production Line

Get free organic fertilizer manufacturing plant layout.

  • Chemical Powders in Compound Fertilizer Production

For making compound fertilizer, we recommond you rotary drum pelletizer and roller extrusion granulating machine. They are the specific machines designed for granulating compound fertilizer powders. The materials used for these two grnaulators can be sodium silicate, phosphorus, ammonium phosphate, ammonium sulfate, potassium sulfate, molasse, calcium carbonate, silica, sulphur, lime, charcoal, chlorine, and so on.

compound fertilizer producing factory

What kind of fertilizer you want to make? Contact us for detailed plan.

High-quality parts bring you high performance equipment

To produce high performance powder granulator machine, our professional design team looked at many traditional granulators, then we find that they have the same problem: the granulating parts, no matter the roller sheet or drum, are easy to be broken because of continuous working. As a professional fertilizer granulator supplier with more than 15 years business experience, we are always committed in the research and improvement of each component of our machines. Every part we use, and every technology we adopted filled with workmanship of our manufacturing teams and engineers. All these efforts bring customers a quality, efficient, high performance, and easy operating granulator with long term working service life.

special lining wall of rotary drum granulating machine
stainless steel roller sheets used for the granulator
roller sheets of our double roller extrusion granulator

In the granulator’s drive disk assemble, we use high hardness stainless steel to ensure the machine can run stably. As for the roller sheets we use titanium, chrome and steel alloy. Even your raw material has high hardness, or causticity, the roller sheets with high compatibility can granulate them efficiently. Meanwhile, its servicing life are twice longer than traditional ones.

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