Fertilizer conveying machine is the most necessary equipment in medium and large scale organic fertilizer making plant. It not only can convey all kinds of fertilizer materials but also is the connection of each process of a complete fertilizer making line. Using conveying machine can help you make fertilizer more efficiently and reduce you lots of manpower cost. With professional team and experienced workers, SX produces three kinds of fertilizer conveying equipment: screw fertilizer conveyor, bucket elevator fertilizer conveying machine and belt conveyor. You may get the ideal one from them.

How to select the suitable conveyor for my fertilizer making factory?

Screw fertilizer conveying machine

The screw conveyor is a kind of machine which can drive the screw rotation and move the fertilizer materials by the motor. It can transport materials horizontally, diagonally or vertically.
When the screw conveying machine working, the rotating screw spindle can carry the fertilizer materials at a constant speed. Then the materiaal spirals upward until it transports out of the machine. It’s like a nut but can’t rotate along the rotating screw. Special design structure makes the machine only takes a little space, which makes your fertilizer making plants more efficient.

ShunXin screw fertilizer conveying equipment

This kind of conveyor can transport fertilizer materials completely enclosed. It’s especially suitable for transporting easy flying, corrosive and smelly materials. Using screw fertilizer conveying machine can greatly reduce the pollution to the environment. The most special feature of this conveyor is that it not only can move the fertilizer materials forward, but also can move the material backwards or in both directions. As a recommended, this machine is really suitable for compound fertilizer making plant.

What’s the difference between different kinds of fertilizer conveyor?

Bucket elevator used for conveying fertilizer

Like screw conveying machine, bucket elevator is suitable for conveying corrosive fertilizer. Its conveying hopper is made of carbon steel or stainless steel castintg mold. The carbon steel mold can improve the high temperature resistance of the machine, and the stainless steel mold makes the machine has good corrosion resistance. The bucket elevator machine can be used for continuous or intermittent delivery of fertilizer. You can also equip it with other feeding equipment to improve the efficiency of making fertilizer.

bucket elevator for conveying fertilizer
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To help you get the ideal fertilizer bucket elevator, we can provide you customized service. We can produce the machine with different materials according to your fertilizer characteristic. Such as carbon steel or stainless steel. After you get the machine, we can provide you free installating and operating guidance.

How about the price of fertilizer conveyor?

Mobile belt conveyor in fertilizer making process

Working Principle

The mobile belt conveyor is a kind of machine that can continuously transport fertilizer materials by friction driving. Its main parts conclude frame, conveyor belt, idler, roller, tensioning and transmission device.
When it works, the driving drum driven by an electric motor through reducer, and the conveyor belt moving by the friction force of the driving drum. The material is fed into the feeding end, falls on the rotating conveyor belt. Finally, the fertilizer materials can transport to the unloading end and discharge from it.


Simple structure makes it easy to maintain. The wearing part is very easy to repair, which saves you lots of time.
Use high quality seamless tube for the base support. By this way, the machine can convey fertilizer and materials more stably, which can greatly reduce working noise. The machine can be customized according to your requirements. You can tell us your need of this machine, such as the length and width of the belt, the height of the machine frame. As a result, you will get the most efficient equipment with reasonable price.

belt fertilizer conveying equipment loading and delivery
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