With the rapid development of livestock and poultry industry, many animal wastes are produced. Even though these manures have high nutrient content, they can’t be used for plants directly because of harmful bacteria or injurious ingredient. After a long-time effect, people invented machines used for making organic fertilizer from animal manure, one of the most important machine is organic fertilizer pellet machine.
Organic fertilizer pellet machine can turn organic fertilizer materials into balls. That will improve the utilization rate of organic materials, it also plays a very important role in organic fertilizer manufacturing plant. Next you will get more information about organic fertilizer granulators.

How to convert powder form fertilizers into pellets by using organic fertilizer granulator?

There are mainly two kinds of organic fertilizer pellet machine: dry granulation equipment and wet granulation equipment.

Dry granulation equipment concludes double roller extrusion granulator and flat die granulator. Both of them turn organic fertilizer dry powder into granules with different shapes by extruding. The fertilizer raw material moisture content is pre-treated to about 10%, and then they are fed into the machine and granulated by the roller sheets or mold. Organic fertilizer granules produced by this way have fine hardness to simplify the transportation and storage.

flat die granulator used for making organic fertilizer pellets
Double roller extrusion fertilizer granulation machine

As for wet granulation equipment, you have five choices: drum granulator, new type organic fertilizer granulator, two-in-one fertilizer granulator, disk granulator, and organic fertilizer polishing machine. They make fertilizer pellets by the rotating of granulation parts. Because of these granulators adopt wet granulation method, the fertilizer materials moisture content needs to be controlled in 20%-40%.

Wet Rotary Drum Granulator For Sale
Organic Fertilizer Stirring Tooth Granulator
Disk Pelletizer for Poultry Manure Granulation

What’s the difference between dry granulating machine and wet granulating machine?

Top5 popular sale organic fertilizer granules manufacturing machine in ShunXin.

Organic fertilizer and npk fertilizer are two kinds of excellent fertilizer for plants. They have their own characteristics. But have you ever thought how to get more profits from making thse fertilizers? To help you make more profits, we design combined organic and npk fertilizer granulators: rotating drum granulator, and two-in-one type granulator. You can choose anyone of them according to your requirements.

For large capacity fertilizer granulating factory, you can choose rotating drum granulator; and two-in-one granulating machine can make pellets by the rotating of stirring teeth and drum at the same time, its capacity is larger than other granulators and the consumption of power is lower.

Disk granulator mainly produce fertilizer pellets in an open granulating disc. When working, the fertilizer raw materials are fed into the disk, with high speed rotating, materials will roll into round balls. When the diameter of fertilizer balls reach to predetermined value, the pellets will discharge from the disc and be conveyed to next process. Using this granulator, organic fertilizer purity can reach to 100%. With 98% granulating rate, disk type granulator is really perfect for pelleting organic fertilizer.

  • Organic fertilizer flat die granulation machine

This type of granulator produced by ShunXin adopts dry granulation method. Like roller extrusion granulator, it makes powdery fertilizer into pellets by the extrusion of roller sheet and granulating mold. The final pellets are columnar with diameter of 4-8mm and can be stored in water for a long time, which can prevent nutritions loss when fertilizing in some rainy areas. The capacity of flat die granulator is 1-2.5t/h. So it’s widely used in small organic fertilizer making plant.

If you want to make the fertilizer granules more round and uniform, we recommend you organic fertilizer polishing machine. It has beautiful appearance, the simple structure and small volume, and is easy to maintain. As an auxiliary equipment used in organic fertilizer making line, it can also be connected with fertilizer granulators. When the organic fertilizer was granulated, the balls will be polished by this machine with more beautiful appearance.

  • Custom organic fertilizer pellet machine

Besides the above top-selling machines, if you have special requirements, we can provide you custom service. We can custom different models of the above granulators according to your needs, such as capacity, power, the shape and size of granulating molds, even the color of them. Or if you have organic fertilizer raw materials but don’t know how to choose the pelleting machine, we can also recommend the most suitable granulator for you.

Revolutionary innovations we make in our organic fertilizer granualtors.

In recent years, we have done a lot of business with overseas customers. We collect many opinions and suggestions from different customers. To make our granulators higher-performance, we make many revolutionary innovations.

1. Lining wall inside the drum

The traditional drum granulator equips scraper device on the inner wall of the drum. When granulating, there always are many materials stuck on the inner wall of the drum. Although the scraper device can scrape them down, the inner wall always will be destroyed by the sharp scraper device. To solve this problem, we use a special rubber lining or acid-proof stainless steel lining inside the drum, which efficiently reduces the paste and corrosion of drum inner wall by fertilizer. It also saves the labor needed to clean it up.

2. Punching design

Besides special lining wall of the rotary drum granulator, we also have the special punching design. On the drum surface, there are many holes, but the lining wall is still intact. When you need to clean the lining wall, you can just knock these holes with a hammer. Then the sticking materials can fall off with the inner wall vibration. If you don’t want to spend time and energy on cleaning it, we can equip automatic hammers for the granulator. They can knock the holes automatically when granulating.

3. Spray system

As mentioned above, pan granulator makes fertilizer pellets in the open disc. So the water may lose when granulating, results in the reduction of raw material moisture content and granulating rate decreasing. So we equip this kind of granulator with spray system. It can add water evenly to fertilizer materials, efficiently control the fertilizer material moisture content and ensure high granulating rate.

vent of new type organic fertilizer granulating machine

4. Open vents

Because of new type fertilizer granulator adopts wet granulation method, the moisture content of fertilizer raw materials is very important. Unlike the open ends of drum granulator, stirring teeth granulator adopts closed structure design. To prevent moisture loss because of high temperature when working, we design open vents for this granulator. You can choose open or close them according to the organic fertilizer granulating process.

Moreover, the vents have another function: if you find the fertilizer materials is too dry to granulate, you can add proper amount of water or liquid binder from the vents. That will greatly improve the performance and granulating rate of the new type organic fertilizer granulator.

5. Visible windrow

To improve the two-in-one and stirring tooth granulator working efficiency, our professional engineer designs visible windows for them. You can open the baffle and observe the granulating process. If there is something happened when working, you can adjust the machine in time. When the machines are not in use, you can clean or maintain their inner parts easily, which can make the machine works longer for you.

Visible window of stirring tooth fertilizer granulator

What other revolutionary designs we use?

What makes ShunXin an excellent organic fertilizer granulator manufacturer?

ShunXin machinery was founded in 2005. in terms of machine production, we have our own factory, our company has introduced internationally advanced processing equipment. In the factory, experienced workers devote to producing high quality fertilizer equipment. What’s more, we have product designers and high quality talents. They devote to the innovative design of our machine and service for customers.

disk granulator delivery
organic fertilizer granulating machine delivery

All of our colleagues make SX more and more competitive than our peers. And we focus more on improving the user experience than on benefits, we always believe that the trust and recognition are more important than profits. Furthermore, more than fifteen years business qualification brings us a very good reputation. Many regular customers choose us as their long-term cooperative partner. For these reasons, we stand out among the rest manufacturers and have a lot of loyal customers.

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Except for granulators, SX can also provide you complete organic fertilizer production lines.

Except for granulators, a complete organic fertilizer production line concludes fertilizer crusher, mixing machine, composting equipment, screening machine, conveying equipment, and some other relevant equipment. For your start-up granulation project, we can recommend the most suitable machines for you. It should be noticed that there are different kinds of organic fertilizer making plan for different raw materials and scales. What’s more, according to your budget, the choice of organic fertilizer production line is also different. Another point is, choosing reasonable fertilizer making plan and equipment allow you to get the most profit for the least amount of money.

Disc Pan Fertilizer Granualtion Plant

In a word, no matter what you want is just a organic fertilizer pellet machine or a complete organic fertilizer making line, we can give you pertinent suggestion. So contact us, and begin your granulating plan of organic fertilizer as soon as possible.

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