Compost production equipment is the necessary machine to make almost all kinds of organic wastes get better use. By composting, many problems can be solved efficiently, such as pest eggs in animal manures, crushing of the block material. And the materials have higher purity of organic content.

In ShunXin, we have 7 kinds of compost production equipment for organic fertilizer making plant: groove type, wheel type, crawler type, moving type, chain plate type, forklift type and fermentation pot. They can meet your needs of composting fertilizer: large or small scale, indoors or outdoors. Choosing them, you can get more profits from making organic materials into composting fertilizer. Here are more details about compost equipment, you may get better understanding about them.

Full process of making organic compost fertilizer.

The methods of preparing compost manure

There are three basic methods of making compost fertilizer:

1. Compost animal manures in groove

Making compost fertilizer by this method, you need to build a ferment groove according to the capacity. And you just need to put the raw materials into the groove, then the compost turners used for groove composting can make them into quality fertilizers. As for this kind of compost production equipment, you can choose groove type compost turner, wheel type composting machine and chain plate type compost turning machine.

composting fertilizer making process

2. Windrow composting method

Using this method, you need to put the raw materials into windrows on flat ground. They the compost windrow turners can compost and form the materials into new neat windrow. In ShunXin, we have three kinds of windrow compost machine: moving type, forklift type and crawler type. They have high adaptability no matter you use them indoors or outdoors.

3. Fermenting pot for composting organic waste

Unlike the above open composting process, composting way of this method is sealed and you just need to put the materials into fermentation pot. Adopts advanced design and technology, ShunXin fermentation pot has great efficiency. It can complete the harmless treatment process in 10 hours, that can shorten 15 days of fermentation into 7 days, greatly fasten the composting process.

How to make compost manure on large scale at a farm?

As for your need of large capacity composting, you can choose our large scale composting equipment:

  • Large wheel type compost turning equipment

Our wheel type compost production equipment is specially made for large capacity fertilizer composting. Its highest turning depth can be 3 meters, and the largest turning span can be 30m. More importantly, it adopts unique energy efficient transmission mechanism, and the energy consumption of the same operating volume is 70% lower than that of the traditional turning equipment. With fully automatic electric control cabinet, it can compost fertilizer materials using low labor, save you the cost of hiring specialized operator.

  • Chain plate type composting machine

Chain plate type composting machine adopts the groove fermenting method. It is suitable for large scale aerobic composting of organic waste. It adopts chain drive and rolling support plate structure, the tip-throwing resistance is very small. It’s really suitable for deep groove operation. Otherwise, because of the removable wear surface gear cutter 390 pieces on the flip supporting plate, it has strong crushing ability and good oxygen-filling effect of the material pile.

  • Large size organic fertilizer fermentation pot

ShunXin large capacity fermentation pot is a kind of composting equipment which adopts vertical sealed design pot. Composting manures by this machine, the bad smell, air pollution and pest eggs will cease to exist. It’s the best choice to realize the resource utilization of organic wastes for farming enterprise, circular agriculture and ecological agriculture. In addition, according to customers requirements, we can customize 5-150 cubic meters different capacity and horizontal, vertical forms fermentation pot.

Necessary equipment for setting up a medium scale compost plant

  • Crawler type compost production equipment

Our crawler type composting machine adopts windrow composting method. It can efficiently compost, reduce the moisture content and pile up the manure windrow. With the quality composting teeth, we design for the crawler compost turning machine, it can also crush big block materials into powder fertilizer. When working, it needs a person to drive it, which makes it more flexible: the driver can control the composting effect by controlling its moving speed, if you have large enough indoor space, it can also work indoors.

  • Customize medium size compost turner

In fact, all of our compost turners can be customized. No matter the above-mentioned ones or the following small-scale composting machines, we can customize their capacity according to your requirements of medium scale compost turning equipment. Besides the capacity, your special requirements of parts, form and color of your ideal composting machines can also be customized.

In wet areas we use what method of compost manure?

Composting equipment for small quantity materials

In ShunXin, we have three types of small compost turner for your needing of small scale composting.

From its name, it’s very easy to know that it needs a groove to compost the materials. It’s composting depth can be 0.8-1.8 meters. For small scale composting need, it’s really the unique choice for you. With the fully automatic electric control cabinet, it can work without man control, which can greatly improve the working efficiency and save you the cost of manpower. To meet your needs, we have double-groove and half-groove types for your choosing.

  • Moving type small composting machine

The moving type compost turner is also known as four-wheel type composting equipment. It’s one of the most flexible composting machines in ShunXin. It has compost structure and appearance, plus a four-wheel design, it can move forward, backward and turn around. So no matter your fertilizer making plant is indoor or outdoor, it can work perfectly for you. Moreover, we equip spray systems for the new design moving compost turner, which can make the materials have even moisture content.

Like four wheel composting turner and crawler type compost turner, it can also move for composting fertilizer materials. The difference is that it composts the materials in bucket, at the same time, it can convey the materials into new fertilizer piles. The bucket we design for this kind of composting machine can be controlled by the drive: when the cover board is open, it can compost fertilizer materials efficiently; when the cover board is close, it can be a conveying machine. Choosing it for your small scale fertilizer making plant, you would get more profits from saving the cost of conveyor.

At last, if you have some questions or want to know more about our compost production equipment, you can contact us or leave a comment below, we will provide you the most reasonable suggestions.

Chain plate compost turner machine

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