Horse manure is a typical thermal fertilizer because of its loose texture, high fiber content and low moisture content. However, it’s fertilizer efficiency is not as good as other livestock manures. To make horse manure get better use, composting is an excellent way. Next, you will get more information about how to make horse manure compost.

Is fresh horse manure suitable for composting? 

Fresh horse manure is a kind of thermal fertilizer, it will release a lot of heats when fermenting. That will destroy plants, causing the loss of profits. More and more people choose to compost them before fertilizing. Thus, how to make fresh horse manure compost?

The first thing before composting is adding some auxiliary materials to the manure, such as sawdust, straw powders, leaves, etc. Then mixing them evenly for better composting of horse waste. For small scale horse manure composting plant, you can mix these materials by hand. But it will cost you a lot of time. For large size composting factory, mixing them by manpower is much harder. So a compost mixing machine is recommended. With reasonable design and excellent performance, this machine can work efficiently and cost low energy. More imprortantly, it also can be used as a feeding machine.

How long does it take to make compost with horse manure? 

Composting horse manure naturally costs a lot of time, more and more people choose composting machines to improve the efficiency. By using compost turners, composting horse manure costs about 14 days. Knowing that some customers may want to make rapid horse manure composting, ShunXin designed a kind of high performance machine for making fast horse waste composting: horse manure fermentation pot.

organic fertilizer large fermentation pot

How to make horse manure compost rapidly with fermentation pot? With quality equipment parts and advanced technology, this machine can complete harmless treatment of horse waste in 10 hours, the whole composting process only needs 7 days. What’s more, it adopts sealed design, which can solve the bad smell of horse manure when composting. High temperature inner the composting pot can also kill pest eggs and grass seeds. To meet your need of capacity, we can customize the fermentation pot according to your requirement. If you don’t know how to install or use it, we can also provide you free guidance.

How to set up a large composting system for horse manure?

How to make large capacity horse manure compost? For setting up large scale horse manure composting system, you need to consider these things: procedures, machines and post treatment.

At first, procedures of large compost system for horse manure.

We have known that the horse poops need to mix with auxiliary materials to make composting more efficient. As for large capacity horse manure composting, the mixing is especially important. Choosing fertilizer mixing machine, the horse manure can mix evenly with other materials in short time. That not only reduces the loss of nutrients, but also can make the following composting more smoothly.

How to add suitable auxiliary materials to improve the quality of horse manure?

Next step is the selection of large capacity horse manure composting machine.

Except for the fermentation pot, there are another two machines for large capacity horse manure composting: wheel type compost turner and chain plate composting machine. Both of them are our hot-sell organic fertilizer turning machines. They have excellent capacity and consume low power, the full-automated electric control cabinet they adopt greatly improve the working efficiency.

wheel type fertilizer compost turner
Chain plate compost turner machine

The last part is post treatment of composted horse manure.

After composting, the horse manure has better quality and fertilizer efficiency. Except using them as fertilizer, there are two more ways to dispose them: packing and granulating.
Packing the composted horse manure into ton bags can greatly keep their quality. The transportation and storage can be much easier, and you can get pretty good profits from selling them.
Granulating the composted horse manure is another wisdom way to make profits. After composting, the horse poops have fine structure and high nutrient content. Granulating them into fertilizer pellets can not only bring the manure more stable fertility, but also make fertilization more convenient.

How to choose the horse manure fertilizer packing machine or granulating machine?

Is there a machine to help small capacity horse manure composting?

How to make horse manure compost for small horse farms, horse manure composting plant, and other small size horse manure management needs? there are also some small compost turners can help you.

The first one is groove type compost turning machine.

Groove type compost turner is a new design turning machine in SX. It doesn’t need people to control, with timing system, it can compost horse manures efficiently within the time you set. To meet your requirements of capacity, we can provide you double-groove type and half-groove type. But choosing this fertilizer turning machine means you need to build composting grooves.

The second is forklift composting machine.

Forklift compost turner is a kind of efficient small capacity fertilizer compost equipment. It’s also the most distinctive machine in SX. Unlike other compost turners work in grooves or windrows, it composts horse manure in the bucket. There is a baffle in the bucket and it can be controlled by the driver. When the baffle is open, the composting teeth in bucket can compost the horse manure evenly; when the baffle closed, the composting teeth are hidden and the machine can be a vehicle to convey horse manures, just like an ordinary forklift.

The last is windrow compost turner.

This kind of composting equipment includes self-moving compost turner and crawler type fertilizer compost turning machine. These two small size horse manure composting machines are very similar. Using them, you need to make the horse manure into long windrows. When working, they walking on the windrows.

crawler type compost turning machine
self-moving type compost turning machine

With the rotating of the drum which has many quality composting teeth, the horse manure windrows can get well composted. Because of high rotating speed, these composting teeth can also crush bulk horse manures, which will save you the cost of crushing machine. When the windrow compost turners passed, the horse manure became new windrows.

No matter what’s the capacity of your horse manure composting need, you can always find the suitable equipment in ShunXin. We can provide you high performance equipment, at the same time, we will also provide you with the most reasonable price and the most thoughtful service.

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