In 2020, we made many deals about organic fertilizer equipment. At the beginning of 2021, we summarized the top sell machines used for producing organic fertilizer in SX. The following is detailed information.

  • Solid-liquid separating machine

Manure Dewatering machine

Making organic fertilizer, the materials always be all kinds of poultry manures and animal waste. As we know, manures always have high moisture content, which makes them poor air permeability. Then the manure management process may be also inefficient. To solve this problem, we designed two kinds of poultry manure dewatering machine: screw extruding type and inclined screening type.
According to the statistics, cow dung dewatering machine and chicken manure dehydrator is the most popular tow models in SX. With excellent performance and stable efficiency, our solid-liquid separator becomes the first choice for many customers.

Groove Type Organic Fertilizer Composting Machine

  • Groove type composting equipment

Composting is the most important process in a complete organic fertilizer producing factory. It’s the guarantee of the fertilizer products quality. In all our fertilizer composting machines, the groove type may be the most economical one. No matter which scale your fertilizer plant is, a groove type compost turner can work efficiently. For large scale composting need, you just need to build more composting grooves.
Adopts aerobic composting method, our groove compost turner can crush and mix the fertilizer materials evenly. In just about 15 days, the composting of manures can be finished efficiently.

Rotary Drum Fertilizer Granulating Machine

  • Rotary drum granulator

After composting, manures will become powdery forms. Generally, you can pack the composting fertilizer for self using or selling. But most people choose to make the fertilizer powders into granules. That’s because granular fertilizers may have more stable structure and fertility, the transportation can be more easily.
As for organic fertilizer granulator, rotary drum pelletizer is the best selling one. Adopts wet granulating process, fertilizer materials can agglomerate into fine granules because of the centrifugal force produced by high speed rotating drum.
Moreover, drum granulator also can be used for making compound fertilizer, choosing it, you can really get high profits with low cost.