For the drying equipment of organic fertilizer production line, firing temperature is very important, which directly affects the drying quality. So it is very important to control the firing temperature strictly. But the firing temperature will always change, so how to control the temperature of the fertilizer drying machine?

Drying Equipment for Fertilizer Products

1. If the firing temperature becomes low, the feeding amount of the dryer should be adjusted to reduce the material. When the firing temperature becomes higher and the feed rate is at a higher level, the coal should be reduced first instead of feeding fertilizer materials.

2. Eliminate the height potential energy difference of dryer. This is the main reason of dust spilling. The elimination of height potential energy difference is caused by powder drop of hopper, protective cover and chute of handling equipment. We should try our best to reduce the fall and the inclination angle of the chute. Some airtight chambers are better to cause negative pressure, which is conducive to the collection of dust.

3. Sealing control of dryer. It can be partially sealed, integrally sealed or closed chamber, etc., and the dust producing point can be sealed with a sealing cover, which can greatly reduce the material scattering and dust.

4. The transportation equipment with good sealing performance shall be used to reduce the height difference and inclination angle of discharge material flow, and the flow separation facilities shall be set as far as possible. It can not only enhance the configuration flexibility and efficiency of each operation room, but also reduce the scattering and dust.

5. Use the exhaust system. In order not to let the dust bring more pollution, we can also remove the indoor dust through the exhaust system, that is to remove the indoor exhaust gas.