Roller extruding granulator is also known as double roller extrusion granulator. It’s mainly used for making compound fertilizer pellets by the extruding of two fertilizer roller sheets. With reasonable design and structure, our roller extrusion granulator is always the best sell dry powder fertilizer pelletizer. So how to use the granulator efficiently? 5 steps of roller extruding granulator fertilizer making process are as follows:

Compound Fertilizer Roller Extrusion Pelleting Machine

1.Add qualified fertilizer materials into the fertilizer mixing machine and mix them evenly. Before this procedure, you can use a fertilizer batching machine to make sure the proportion of each fertilizer material. In SX, we have automatic dynamic fertilizer batching machine widely used in continuous compound fertilizer making process.

2.Feed fertilizer materials into the roller extrusion granulator by disc fertilizer feeding machine. The mixed material is added into the gap between two opposite rotating roller shafts through a vertical screw feeder. During the extrusion process, the pressure of the material increases gradually. When the gap between the two shafts is relatively small, the pressure of the material is relatively large, and then gradually decreases. In the extrusion process, the apparent density of the mixture can be increased by 1.5-3 times due to the decrease of the empty volXume of the material.

3.After granulating, conveying the fertilizer pellets into rotary screening machine. Small fertilizer particles can be returned into the disc fertilizer mixer. And large fertilizer particles can be crushed into small size by fertilizer crushing machine, then convey them into the feeding machine.

4.After crushing, the unqualified materials can fed into the roller granulating machine and granulated again. During this process, the utilization of fertilizer materials can be greatly improved.

5.At last, you can pack the final fertilizer pellets into bags by automatic fertilizer packing scale. Then storing and loading of fertilizer will be much more convenient.