With the development of fertilizer making industry, people make organic fertilizer or run compound fertilizer plants more easily. High automatic degree fertilizer machines also greatly improve the efficiency when making fertilizers. Fertilizer plant owners also cost less on hiring workers. So how much labor does a fertilizer plant cost with SX equipment? The following is some information about that.

New Type Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Before calculating the labor you need when making fertilizer, it’s necessary to know which process of fertilizer plants need people to operate.

For organic fertilizer making plants, one person need to operate the windrow compost turners.

Next is packing. In fact, our packing machine also has high automatic degree. But it needs a person to operate the sewing parts when packing fertilizer products.

As for other processes, such as granulating, mixing, conveying, screening, etc, you don’t have to arrange operators. Almost all of our fertilizer machines are full automated. If you don’t know how to make sure the machines can run smoothly, we can make complete layout for you.

In a word, making organic fertilizer only takes at least two people. But it’s necessary to arrange one or two people to observe the fertilizer making process or maintain machines if something happens during machines working. So, with SX fertilizer equipment, you just need 3-4 operators for an organic fertilizer manufacture plant.