• Uneven fertilizer granules size

Reason: Uneven raw materials moisture content. Pan granulating machine makes fertilizer balls by the adhesion between materials. Moisture requirements of raw materials are about 50%. Higher moisture may cause overlarge fertilizer balls, and lower moisture makes it hard to granulate. So if the moisture content of fertilizer materials are uneven, the final fertilizer balls may can’t have even size.

Solution: add water to the fertilizer materials evenly. To save your time and energy, we equip spray system for the pan granulator. It can spray water to the materials, greatly improve the granulating rate of pan granulator.

a making pan granulator in ShunXin factory

  • Hard to make materials into granules

Reason 1: Too large installation angle of the granulating pan.

Solution: the suitable installation angle of the disc is about 35-55°. Smaller angle, larger fertilizer granules; larger angle, smaller pellets. So you just need to adjust the installation angle.

Reason 2: Unsuitable fertilizer material particles

Solution: too large or uneven fertilizer material particles may affect the granulating process. To solve this problem, you can choose our crushing machine to make the fertilizer materials into even size.