To help you make fertilizer granules more efficiently, we always provide you considerate customized service:

Parts of different granulator: when granulating, especially using rotating granulators, the temperature would greatly improve, which would fasten the evaporation of raw material moisture. So if you have the needing of keeping moisture, we can equip a spray system for you. It can spray water to the materials when granulating, greatly improve the quality of fertilizer granules. For double roller granulator, we can customize the shape and size of the ball socket of the roller sheet for you.

Capacity: we can making different capacity granulators, they can meet your need of starting small, medium and large organic fertilizer making plant. The price is also very reasonable.

Other aspects: we can design the height of the granulator according to your fertilizer plant layout. That will make sure the fluency of your fertilizer plant and improve the granulating rate. Even the color of the granulator can also be customized if you want.