1. Control the quality of powder fertilizer materials.

Strictly control the quality of powdery raw materials according to the formula of making organic fertilizer granules. Good quality fertilizer materials makes the granules making process more efficient. If there are too much extra materials in powder fertilizer, the quality and granulating rate will be affected.

  1. Control the moisture content of powder fertilizer.

The suitable moisture content of raw materials is about 30%. If the moisture is too high, they would stick together. If the moisture is too high, they may not have enough cohesion to become fertilizer granules.

  1. Choosing reliable disk granulator supplier

A reliable fertilizer machine manufacture must can provide you high performance equipment. That’s also the basis for increasing the granulating rate. Take ShunXin disk granulator as an example, we design scraper and spray system for the pan granulator. They are used for reduce the fertilizer sticking on the disk and keep the moisture content of fertilizer materials.

  1. Improving the technical level of operator.

Operating is the key to produce quality fertilizer granules. It is very important to strengthen the training of operators’ skill level. Or you can hire experienced workers.