There are two ways of feeding and discharging when using groove type compost turner: batch and overall feeding and discharging. The characteristics of batch feeding and discharging are feeding at the front end of the composting groove each time, and the material is moved to the other end by working turning machine. The second feeding starts again and again until finish the whole manure composting process. The overall feeding and discharging characteristics are that the whole fermentation tank is full at one time, and when the fermentation cycle is over, the materials are discharged in batches.

Groove type agricultural waste compost turner

Characteristics of groove type turner:
1.The composting width can be 2-6m. The whole composting process only costs 7-10 days and it can compost about 80-360 cubic meters of fertilizer materials per hour.
2. The innovation of the machine is to make use of the deep pool design of underground space and the new technology of long-distance turning, and make use of the limited land area to realize the large-scale treatment of organic waste.
3. The unique pool type continuous aerobic fermentation technology is adopted to make the organic wastes quickly decomposed, dewatered, sterilized and deodorized, so as to achieve the goal of harmless and resource-based treatment.
Requirement of building composting groove for groove type composting machine:
The composting grooves need to be reinforced concrete structure. Two adjacent grooves share the same groove wall, and the width of the wall is determined according to the requirements of the turning machine. The groove wall should be able to bear the pressure of turner, and the bottom plate of composting groove should not only bear the gravity of fertilizer materials, but also bear the gravity of loader, and meet the requirements of ventilation.