1. In the composting process of organic fertilizer making plant, the materials should be crushed. The composting of organic fertilizer needs to be fully turned over. Some raw materials may don’t have suitable particle size, which will affect the composting efficiency. So it is not conducive to the mixing and composting of materials without crushing.

2. In the process of powder fertilizer processing, organic fertilizer crusher is necessary. After the second fermenting of composted fertilizer materials, some materials may cake or stick together, which would reduce the fertilizer quality.

vertical fertilizer crushing machine delivery

  • There was a need to control the particle size of organic fertilizer in agricultural machinery fertilization, otherwise large-size organic fertilizer is easy to cause uneven fertilization, so it is necessary to use the organic fertilizer crusher to crush the particle size in the processing of powdery organic fertilizer.
  • The powdered organic fertilizer crushed to 5mm is more conducive to pack. Moreover, too large fertilizer size is easy to cause uneven transportation, even blocking, so it also needs organic fertilizer crusher.

3. In the process of granular organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer crusher is also essential.

  • Granular fertilizer is usually produced by extrusion or agglomeration. Whether extruding or agglomerating, the size of powdered organic fertilizer should be controlled at 50 mesh, so that the granulation effect will be ideal. Therefore, the size of 1-5mm powder fertilizer needs to be processed by crushing equipment.
  • In order to increase the hardness of organic fertilizer particles, it is necessary to crush the organic fertilizer raw materials. Organic fertilizer is a kind of organic material with very small density. In order to enhance its density and achieve the reasonable degree, the powder fertilizer needs to be small enough, which is the requirement of 50 mesh.