Due to the hole diameter, cylinder length and process requirements of organic fertilizer drum dryer, the welding method is selected during installation. It is the best way to install the dryer, but if you can’t master the key points and welding quality in the welding process, it will seriously affect the drying effect. In order to ensure the welding quality does not affect the machine performance, the welding quality should be paid attention to. In the welding process, we must grasp the three quality factors of welding:

different design of fertilizer drying machine

  1. Remove welding residues in time. The sealing of the machine directly affects the drying efficiency and energy consumption. If the welding is not good, because of high temperature and high pressure, the equipment is easy to cause corrosion cracking and seal falling off, so the welding parts need to be removed.
  2. After welding, the cleaning work should be done to avoid impurities affecting the performance of the machine and even causing damage to the machine.In fact, besides fertilizer drying equipment, timely cleaning after working is very important to every fertilizer making machine.
  3. Conduct professional welding inspection. Repair shouldn’t be more than two times after installation, so the machine after welding must pass the bending test and tensile strength test, so as to ensure that the machine can be put into production.