ShunXin fermentation pot can be used for all kinds of poultry manure fast composting. For composting chicken manures, you can collect them together and add some fermenting bacteria, then put them into the fermentation pot. The composted chicken dungs can be used directly for crops, plants or granulating. After a brief understanding of chicken manure fermentation pot, what are the advantages of it? Next, you may get more information.

organic fertilizer fermentation pot

Small floor place: Adopts vertical structure design, the fermentation pot has high working efficiency but only covers a little space. Because of the machine is sealed, you can also use it outdoors.

Considerable economic benefits: It can compost 5-150m³ chicken manures per time(we can customize the machine according to your capacity requirement), which can greatly improve your organic fertilizer factory efficiency and bring you adorable profits.

Good environmental benefits: The sealed design can greatly improve fermenting temperature in the pot, which can kill pest eggs and grass seeds efficiently. After composting, the manures will not release bad smells. That will greatly reduce air pollution.

High fermentation maturity: If you make the organic manures ferment naturally, the whole process may take very long time, even several months. Using fermentation pot, the composting of chicken manure only takes you 7 days. High performance makes it possible to work whole year and not affected by the weather.