Composting is a process in which the manure collected in the fecal canal of the farm is dehydrated by a solid-liquid separator, and then mixed with some auxiliary materials to adjust the carbon nitrogen ratio. Through the up and down tossing of the composting machine, aerobic fermentation is carried out to form organic fertilizer and soil amendment, so as to achieve the purpose of harmless, reduction and resource utilization.

The emergence of the compost turning equipment is gradually replacing manual material turning. It has the following functions in composting.

  1. The special requirements of composting technology are realized, such as crushing raw materials, realizing quantitative displacement of raw materials or giving certain shape to raw materials windrow.
  2. Improve the permeability of raw material windrow: the turning system can process the materials into small lumps, and make the thick, elastic and dense raw material windrowbecome fluffy and form appropriate porosity.
  3. Mixing function in raw material conditioning: in fertilizer making process, some auxiliary materials need to be added in order to adjust the carbon nitrogen ratio, water content and ph value of raw materials. The agitator can be used to mix the main raw materials roughly stacked together according to the proportion with various auxiliary materials, so as to achieve the purpose of quenching and tempering.