1. Adjustment of material moisture: the moisture content of composted animal manure should be adjusted to 40-65%. Low moisture content may cause slow fermenting; high moisture content makes poor ventilation. Therefore, if the manures moisture content is too high, you can add some mushroom residue, straw and sawdust. All you can choose our manure dewatering machine to save time and energy.

2. Ventilation process. In the aerobic composting process of poultry waste, oxygen supply measures should be increased in the operation process. According to the need, the oxygen supply can be flipped or forced by tools.

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3. Working of organic fertilizer turner. In general, after 48 hours of raw material stacking, the material temperature will rise to 50-60 ℃ and above 65 ℃ after 72 hours. Usually, the fermentation process will appear 2-4 times of high temperature above 65 ℃, and the fermentation can be completed by turning over 2-4 times. The fermented material was dark brown, and the temperature began to drop after fermentation. When the temperature dropped to room temperature, the fermentation was completed.

4. Aerobic fermentation cycle control. Under suitable temperature and moisture, the whole fermentation process can be completed in 7-15 days. This process can realize deodorization, insecticidal sterilization and fermentation.

Except for the above matters, in the process of organic fertilizer production, we need to pay attention to the chloride ion content. Some fertilizers contain a lot of chloride ions, and some manufacturers use ammonium chloride to add to organic fertilizer to increase the nitrogen in total nutrients. But too high chloride ion content will affect the growth of crops.