Working Process:

  1. Put the raw materials into the composting groove.
  2. Raw materials are stirred to the outlet by the equipment every day, and the traveling distance is same.
  3. After 30 days of fermentation, the raw materials will be completely composted and converted into organic fertilizer.
  4. After a period of aerobic fermentation, the finished organic fertilizer can be obtained from the outlet every day, and the cyclic fermentation of fertilizer can be formed.

Tip: Adding a certain amount of organic fertilizer starter before fermentation can greatly shorten the fermentation time of raw materials, improve the fermentation efficiency, make the fermented organic fertilizer contain more organic matter and improve the utilization rate of organic fertilizer.


  1. With high efficiencyand stable operation, it can compost different materials evenly and consumes low energy.
  2. Centralized control of control cabinet can realize manual or automatic control function.
  3. Equipped with soft starter, the impact load is low when starting.
  4. The composting teeth are firm and durable, and has certain crushing and mixing functions for materials.
  5. Limit travel switch for safety and limit operation.

In order to ensure its service life, timely maintenance and care should be taken in the process of operation.