Covid-19 has been affected by almost every country in the world since the beginning of 2020. Even during one year control, the epidemic situation is still very serious. So, as ordinary people, how to avoid being infected with Covid-19 in daily life?

I.Reduce outdoor activities

1.Avoid going to epidemic areas
2.Reduce visits to relatives and friends, reduce meals and try to rest at home.
3.Reduce activities to crowded public places, especially places with poor air mobility. Such as cinema, KTV, markets, stations, exhibition halls, and so on.

II.Personal protection and pay attention to hand hygiene

1.Wear masks when go out. When you go out to public places or take public transport, wear surgical mask or N95 respirator can greatly protect you from the virus.
2.Keep your hands clean at all times. Reduce contact with public goods and parts in public places. After returning from public places, wash hands with hand sanitizer or soap, or use alcohol free hand sanitizer; when you are not sure whether your hands are clean, avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes; when sneezing or coughing, cover your mouth and nose with elbow clothes.

III.Health monitoring

1.Take the initiative to do health monitoring of individuals and family members, and take the initiative to measure body temperature when you feel fever. If you have children at home, you should pay attention to their body temperature. If they have fever, you should measure their body temperature.
2.If you have suspicious symptoms, you should take the initiative to put on a mask and see a doctor nearby in time. If you have Covid-19 suspicious symptoms in your body (including fever, cough, sore throat, chest distress, dyspnea, mild Nash, fatigue, mental illness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, palpitation, conjunctivitis, mild limbs or lump muscles), it should be treated in time to medical institutions according to illness. And try to avoid taking subway, bus and other public transport, avoid going to crowded places.

IV.Keep good hygiene and living habits

1.Always open windows for ventilation and keep the air fresh.
2.Family members do not share towels, keep home and tableware clean, and dry clothes and quilts frequently.
3.Don’t spit everywhere. Wrap the mouth and nose secretions with paper towel and discard them in the dustbin with cover.
4.Don’t contact, buy or eat wild animals; try to avoid going to markets where live animals are sold (poultry, seafood, wild animals, etc.).
5.Home equipped with thermometer, medical surgical mask or N95 mask, household disinfection supplies and other materials.

V.Other tips

1.Reduce alcohol and smoking. Too much alcohol and cigarette is not good to your health, and will also lower your immunity. Increase the risk of infection.
2.Keep a distance of more than one meter from other people in public places. It’s very unsafe to be too close to other people, 1 meter is the shortest distance when contact with others.
3.Make sure the mask covers nose, mouth and chin. Avoid wearing masks by mistake.
4.Family members of patients should wear masks and keep away from other asymptomatic family members to avoid close contact.
5.Disinfect the places and objects that the symptomatic family members often touch. Avoid causing infection to other family members.