Organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer are common used fertilizers in farms. They have different functions to plants and crops. In fact, blending different fertilizers can bring crops higher yields. No matter you are a fertilizer manufacturer or farm owner, making blending fertilizer can also bring you wonderful profits. So what are the advantages of blending fertilizer?

  1. Compound fertilizer has high nutrient contents, fast fertilizer effect. But the duration of fertilizer effect is short, and its fertility is very simple. But organic fertilizer is just the opposite. So blending organic fertilizer with compound fertilizer can complement each other perfectly and meet the needs of plant growth for nutrients.NPK fertilizer blending plant line
  2. Using compound fertilizer, some nutrients may be absorbed by soil and cause soil hardening. But mixing it with organic fertilizer together can reduce the association surface between compound fertilizer and soil, reduce the probability of compound fertilizer being fixed by soil, and enhance the availability of fertilizer nutrients.
  3. Generally, compound fertilizerhas high solubility, which will cause high osmotic pressure to the soil after utilization. That is not conducive to the absorption of nutrients and water by crops, and increase the chance of nutrient loss. If making blending fertilizer from compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer, the problem can be solved perfectly, which is conducive to the absorption of nutrients and water by plants.

Except for making organic and compound blending fertilizer, there are also many other blending fertilizer making projects. As a professional fertilizer machine supplier, we can provide you complete fertilizer making layouts and economical equipment.