Three Reasons for Drying Fertiliers after Granulating

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A complete organic fertilizer making plant contains composting, mixing, crushing, granulating, drying and other process. From the surface, since the particles are formed, is it not necessary to dry them? In fact, the drying of granular products is very important. So why do we need to dry the fertilizers after granulation? 1.Reduce the moisture

Advantages of Making Organic and Compound Blending Fertilizer

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Organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer are common used fertilizers in farms. They have different functions to plants and crops. In fact, blending different fertilizers can bring crops higher yields. No matter you are a fertilizer manufacturer or farm owner, making blending fertilizer can also bring you wonderful profits. So what are the advantages of

How to make organic fertilizer ball with low cost?

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Nowadays, more and more people are making organic fertilizers. And the most common way people choose is to make organic materials into pellets. Want to make organic fertilizer granules, the selection of granulating machine is very important. At present, people always choose rotary drum granulating machine and pan type granulator. These two granulators always

How to make composting fertilizer from sheep manure?

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Sheep manure is one of efficient hot fertilizer. It contains about 24%-27% organic nutrients. By composting the mixed sheep manure and fermenting bacteria, you can get efficient sheep manure organic fertilizer. So what are the detailed processes of making sheep manure compost? The first is mixing sheep manure with straw powders(straw crusher can be

Why Making Bulk Blending Fertilizer can Get High Profits?

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Bulk blending fertilizer is a new efficient fertilizer widely used for crops. In fact, you can consider it as the combination of different kinds of fertilizers. The largest highlight of BB fertilize is that you can adjust the proportion of different fertilizers according to your soil conditions. So it gradually becomes more and more

How to make aerobic pig manure composting?

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Pig manure is a kind of high efficiency organic fertilizer materials. Making pig manure fertilizer, the composting is very important. As the most helpful way, aerobic composting is widely used way to make quality composting fertilizer. So how to make aerobic pig manure composting? Aerobic composting process refers to the animal manures contact large

Ways to Make Dry Organic Fertilizers

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Drying process is a very important part in a complete organic fertilizer making factory. Dry fertilizer products have better structure and more stable fertility, and the quality of fertilizer is also very important for you to get more profits. So what are the ways to dry organic fertilizers? Dewatering by specific equipment. For organic

Why do I need a compost turner when making organic fertilizer?

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As we all know, some materials such as poultry manures, filter mud and mushrooms, can’t be directly used for making organic fertilizer. But composting can give these materials good treatment such as eliminating the pest eggs and grass weeds, reducing moisture content and so on. So why the compost tuner is needed to compost

How to choose suitable fertilizer packing machine based on different forms?

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Packing makes the transportation and storage of fertilizer products much more easily. But different form fertilizers need different packing machine. So what things you need to consider when choosing a fertilizer packing machine? Shape of the fertilizer materials Granular fertilizers are formed by granulating machines, their shapes are more smooth. Packing fertilizer balls is

Notes on Making Composting Organic Fertilizer

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Composting is an important process when making organic fertilizer. So what things need to be focused on? 1. Requirements for the composting raw materials: It is better to choose fresh poultry manure. The nutrients are not damaged, and the final organic fertilizer products quality can be much better. 2. Requirements for auxiliary materials: The


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