Drying process is a very important part in a complete organic fertilizer making factory. Dry fertilizer products have better structure and more stable fertility, and the quality of fertilizer is also very important for you to get more profits. So what are the ways to dry organic fertilizers?

Rotary Drum Fertilizer Drying Machine Delivery

  1. Dewatering by specific equipment. For organic fertilizer raw materials such as poultry manures, they always have high moisture content. Before making organic fertilizer, you can choose our solid-liquid separator machine. By centrifugation, sedimentation or extrusion, the manure moisture content can be reduced to about 50%. Then you can make them into composting organic fertilizer.
  2. Drying by heat. We designed a kind of rotary drum drying machine. It’s suitable for drying fertilizer materials or products by heating in a short time. You can choose to make dry fertilizer pellets directly or dry the finished organic fertilizer products for bringing them more stable structure. No matter which way you choose, the final organic fertilizer pellets will have excellent quality.
  3. Chemical dehumidification. This way can greatly help the organic fertilizer pellets keep dry. You just need to put some desiccant into the fertilizer bags. They can absorb excessive moisture.