Sheep manure is one of efficient hot fertilizer. It contains about 24%-27% organic nutrients. By composting the mixed sheep manure and fermenting bacteria, you can get efficient sheep manure organic fertilizer. So what are the detailed processes of making sheep manure compost?

The first is mixing sheep manure with straw powders(straw crusher can be used for make straws into small particles). The addition amount of straw powders depends on the sheep manure moisture content. The suitable moisture content when composting is about 45%. Then spray bacterial fluid to the manures and mixed them evenly based on the proportion of 1 ton sheep manure mixed with 3kg compound bacteria liquid. In this process, you can add some corn flour to bring bacteria sugar content. It can make the most of fermenting bacteria. After doing these things, mixing the materials evenly by organic fertilizer mixing machine.

Composting and Granular Fertilizer Production Line

After mixing sheep manure with auxiliary materials, you can pile up them into long manure windrows with width about 2-3m, height about 1-2m. Then using fertilizer composting machine once every 3 days to compost the sheep manure windrows. Generally, at the third day after composting, the temperature of manure windrow can reach to 60-80℃. The pest eggs, grass seeds and other useless materials can be greatly eliminated. At the fifth day, the bad smell of poops will disappear. At the ninth day, the composting fertilizer becomes loose and dry. At the fifteenth day, the bacteria manure can be totally decomposed.

The decomposed sheep manure is fluffy, dark brown and doesn’t smell bad. It can be used for fruits, vegetables and all kinds of cash crops.