moving type compost turner delivery

As we all know, some materials such as poultry manures, filter mud and mushrooms, can’t be directly used for making organic fertilizer. But composting can give these materials good treatment such as eliminating the pest eggs and grass weeds, reducing moisture content and so on. So why the compost tuner is needed to compost organic fertilizer materials?

People always make composting fertilizer by naturally fermenting. The whole fermenting process always spends very long time even months and it’s very easy to be influenced by weather and temperature. That will badly influence the whole process of making organic fertilizer.

For making fast composting of the organic fertilizer materials and not damage their nutrient, composting equipment is designed. When composting, you can pile the materials into long windrows or composting grooves. Making them naturally fermenting about 3 days. When the temperature of the piles up to 60-70℃, you can choose a windrow composting machine or groove type compost turner to make them fermenting more efficiently(If the composting machine is not used in time, the materials temperature may rise constantly, which will destroy the nitrogen in the materials.).

Organic fertilizer composting machine can evenly mix and crush the fertilizer materials, making great conditions of aerobic fermentation, also reducing the temperature and moisture of the raw materials. The whole composting process only needs about 15 days. If in summer, the process may be much shorter.