A complete organic fertilizer making plant contains composting, mixing, crushing, granulating, drying and other process. From the surface, since the particles are formed, is it not necessary to dry them? In fact, the drying of granular products is very important. So why do we need to dry the fertilizers after granulation?

1.Reduce the moisture content of granular organic fertilizer

As we all know, the moisture content of organic fertilizer raw materials is relatively high. Although the moisture content of materials has been reduced during a series of processes, the moisture content of final products is between 20% and 40% according to the characteristics of the materials. In order to prevent fertilizer products from sticking, drying is necessary.

Drying Equipment for Fertilizer Products

2.Increase the strength of organic fertilizer pellets

In the process of making commercial organic fertilizer, low strength granules are disadvantageous to commercial packaging and transportation. In the process of transportation, low strength fertilizer granules may increase the damage rate of particles. Therefore, to meet the needs of high economical profits, a fertilizer drying machine is necessary for organic fertilizer producing.

3.Extend the storage life of fertilizer pellets

After making organic fertilizer materials into granules, it takes time from packaging to application, which requires the long preservation of organic fertilizer without reducing the nutrients of fertilizer. The loss of nutrients is often due to volatilization and particle strength reduction, so drying can effectively extend the storage and transportation period of granules.

From the above information, it’s easy to know that after granulating, using a fertilizer drying machine can reduce pellets damage, moisture content and efficiently prolong the pellets storage life. Therefore, a drying machine is very important to a complete fertilizer making line.