Packing makes the transportation and storage of fertilizer products much more easily. But different form fertilizers need different packing machine. So what things you need to consider when choosing a fertilizer packing machine?

Fertilizer Packing Machine

  1. Shape of the fertilizer materials

Granular fertilizers are formed by granulating machines, their shapes are more smooth. Packing fertilizer balls is not very complicated.

Powder fertilizer is directly crushed powdery material by fertilizer crushing equipment, regardless of the original state of the material. If the dust is very large, you can choose the closed bucket elevator.

  1. The flowability of materials

Because of the roundness and good fluidity of granular materials, they can be packed by automatic packing scale. And you can change the diameter of the three-stage feeding device to adjust the flow rate and control the packaging speed and accuracy.

Powdery materials always have bad fluidity, but it does not need to consider the original state, the spiral feeding mode and forced blanking method can be adopted to realize the material measurement.

  1. Dust of materials

The proportion of particulate matter is relatively large, and it is not easy to form dust in the air. Therefore, we generally do not need to consider the treatment of dust in packaging. The open weighing method does not pollute the air and factory environment very much.

The proportion of powder material is very light, and there is a lot of dust when packaging. To reduce air pollution and improve the efficiency of the packing machine, it’s better to equip an automatic dust collecting machine for the whole fertilizer making plant.