Groove type agricultural waste compost turner

Pig manure is a kind of high efficiency organic fertilizer materials. Making pig manure fertilizer, the composting is very important. As the most helpful way, aerobic composting is widely used way to make quality composting fertilizer. So how to make aerobic pig manure composting?

Aerobic composting process refers to the animal manures contact large amount oxygen when fermenting. By this way, the bad smells and useless materials of the organic fertilizer materials can be greatly eliminated. As for the pig manure, you can reduce its moisture content in advance. When composting, you can make them into long windows or build composting grooves. Then choosing suitable composting equipment. As a professional fertilizer machine supplier, we have different kind of organic fertilizer composting machines.

For large scale pig manure composting, we have wheel type compost turner. If you want to make fast composting, the fermentation pot can be really efficient. For medium and small capacity pig poops composting, we have groove type compost turner and windrow turners. No matter which one you need, we can provide you considerate service and technical guidance. Using our aerobic composting machines, your composting process only takes 7-14 days.