Groove type agricultural waste compost turner

Composting is an important process when making organic fertilizer. So what things need to be focused on?

1. Requirements for the composting raw materials:

It is better to choose fresh poultry manure. The nutrients are not damaged, and the final organic fertilizer products quality can be much better.

2. Requirements for auxiliary materials:

The auxiliary materials(sawdust, straw, etc.) should have suitable moisture content, strong water absorption, suitable particles or length. The addition amount should be determined according to the water content of composting materials. If you don’t know how to make the auxiliary materials into suitable size, our straw crushing machine can be your choice.

3. The strain should be spread evenly:

One ton of organic fertilizer fermentation bacteria needs at least 50 grams of raw materials. If it can not be evenly dispersed on the fermentation materials, you can first sprinkle 50g of bacteria into any of the raw materials such as 500 grams of wheat bran, sawdust, rice bran, etc., and then spread them into the composting materials to make organic fertilizer. You can also use a fertilizer mixing machine to mix them evenly.

4. The moisture content of materials:

The raw materials moisture content should be about 50%. You can add some sawdust or straws to the materials to adjust the moisture content. Another efficient way is using dewatering machine. It can separate the water and organic materials quickly.

5. Requirement of fertilizer windrows:

Using windrow fertilizer composting machine, the width of windrow material is not less than 1.5 meters, and the height is not less than 1 meter, the length can be adjusted according to your capacity requirement.