Nowadays, more and more people are making organic fertilizers. And the most common way people choose is to make organic materials into pellets.

Want to make organic fertilizer granules, the selection of granulating machine is very important. At present, people always choose rotary drum granulating machine and pan type granulator. These two granulators always are used for large scale organic fertilizer wet granulating factory. So if you want a small capacity organic fertilizer granulating factory, how to make fertilizer balls economically?

Flat Die Granulator with Polishing Machine

Besides large size organic fertilizer granulator, we also have special granulating machine used for making small quantity dry fertilizer pellets: dry flat die granulating equipment. Adopts dry extruding granulating method, pellets produced by this granulator don’t need to dry. You can pack them directly, which can save you the cost of drying machine.

The fertilizer pellets are cylindrical with diameter about 3-8mm. So if you want to get fertilizer balls, we have the polishing machine. Fertilizer polishing equipment is an auxiliary machine used with fertilizer granulators. It can bring fertilizer pellets more uniform and round appearance. For small scale organic fertilizer line, connect flat die granulator with polishing machine, you will get round fertilizer balls more economically than using other granulator.

If you want to make large scale organic fertilizer balls by this way, you just need to buy more flat die granulators, and we can design reasonable layout for you.