1. Machine and base resonance

Cause: in the production of rotary drum organic fertilizer dryer, due to the strong rotation of the equipment, it will produce a certain amount of resonance effect with the base, which is very harmful to the equipment and will also affect the working effect.

Solution: at first, in the construction of the base, it should be poured with cement and added with anti vibration wood bed. Second, in production, pay attention to the actual capacity of the machine, not to overload the machine.

  1. Material blocking at outlet

Reason: the material with more moisture is easy to form block, and the material outlet will be blocked when it reaches the outlet of organic fertilizer dryer.

Solution: in addition to strictly controlling the process formula, when the particle size of the material entering the organic fertilizer dryer is large, the relevant personnel should be informed in time to pay attention to the discharge at the tail of the machine, so as to prevent the bag film and bag line from entering the production system.

  1. The meshing clearance between the big gear and the small gear is damaged

Causes: tugboat wear, block wheel wear, pinion wear.

Solution: remove or replace according to wear condition, or install on the opposite side or update in pairs.